Monday, April 9, 2012

Weekend highlights

It was a crazy, busy weekend!

Friday started out wonderfully with a sunny walk around Green lake, followed by a four mile jog. Good times! I also fell in love with Instagram. Good thing it came to Android, otherwise I was strongly considering getting an iPhone.
The next morning I ran 15 miles! This is the longest I have ever gone. I ran on a favorite route of mine, taking me from my place to Edmonds. I love running through the little town of Woodway, the tree smell reminds me of hiking. I also love all the hills! They are awful and also awesome. I took a quick picture with my phone at the top of the hill once I was nearing mile 14.
After my run I went to REI with these lovely folks and their adorable daughter:

We stopped for lunch at Whole Foods and I ate a fantastic panini! I would have taken a photo but apparently I was too hungry and ate it all up before the camera came out. :)

Our evening was spent at the Salmon House for Phil and Heather's birthday. We had a blast with them. Unfortunately the lighting was quite low and I had to use my FLASH. Ahh!

Here is a candid shot. I love how Matty is sitting in the middle between the couple while we sang them happy birthday. I also love that everyone is smiling. See, it doesn't matter that everyone is a little washed out!

Heather and I stepped out on the barge outside the restaurant and I got some pretty pictures of downtown.

On Sunday, our main highlight was using our BBQ! I loved being a little lazy all day. We watched a favorite show of mine, Crossing Jordan, and also watched a recap of the 2011 Ironman. In the afternoon we decided to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful weather, so we walked around green lake. No matter how often I walk there, I never get tired of it!

It was a wonderfully sunny, amazing weekend. I hope the sun never goes away.

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  1. Well the "son" never goes away! :-). I again love all your photos! That candid shot is one of the best! Those awesome smiles!!! Th reflection on the water of all those city lites is beautiful. I am going to have to come and visit soon to walk around green lake with you. So glad you are having a great spring, and so much outdoor run/walks!