Thursday, April 19, 2012

This kitty

I have a kitty that loves to get in the way of the camera. Any time I want to take photos of my scrapbook pages, or in this case, my delicious paleo cookies, Leo loves to jump into the shot.
Good thing he is so cute! :)

I arranged that blue bench and little table as a spot for me to drink some coffee in the morning. So far its been too cold, but I when the weather gets warmer, I plan to put some pillows outside and maybe a pot of flowers. I have really been needing a place to catch some sunlight, and on our super tiny porch, that's pretty hard!

I will let you all know if I succeed with my little plan. :)


  1. Absolutely adorable! go Leo go! Your "patio" is the perfect spot for coffee and sun. Your neighbor has some lovely trees to view! :) LUBM

  2. Always good to have a little spot for fresh air!!