Monday, October 25, 2010

Photos from October 18-25

Photos from my week!

Monday 10/18:
I ate cake for lunch! Thank you Kayla for making a yummy cake and decorating it so cute. I do wish I had eaten less though.
Tuesday 10/19:
We walked around Green lake after work...a beautiful night! We love the beautiful trees! They are finally changing colors and I love the red ones best.
Wednesday 10/20:
Matty and I grabbed some coffee at a Green lake coffee shop. Who can't love a yummy latte when its served in a huge red cup?

Thursday 10/21
I took a photo of my perfect pre-run breakfast! Black coffee and waffles with peanut butter. Last season I used to eat toast and PB and now I have upgraded to waffles! I eat this every time I go on a long run. It gives me energy to finish.
Friday 10/22: Bethany's wedding
I took a lot of photos so I just picked one to post up here. Its me dancing with the bride!

Saturday 10/23:
I went shopping with the girls and Renae and I bought new shoes. I've been waiting a long time to buy some Converse shoes. :)

Sunday night 10/24:
Hannah and I rode in the car with Bernie in the back seat!
Monday night (tonight!): I went to a Silent film with Peter. It was a blast! He won the tickets, so we got in for free. We even got VIP lounge tickets so we got to taste all the Trader Joe's goodies. Peter actually won the raffle...6 more tickets to the Paramount!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

This is how my run went...

Miles 1-3: Fun, easy, light hearted, listening to happy music
Mile 4: Ran up a super long and steep hill=utter exhaustion
Mile 5: Nice down hill slope=feeling recovered
Mile 6: Another steep and windy hill=hamstring starts to throb
Mile 7: Feeling thirsty, yucky dry mouth
Mile 8: Another hill=all my muscles are starting to ache (including said hamstring)
Mile 9: Feeling the worst side ache I've ever felt (including all mentioned in mile 6-8)
Mile 10: Noticing that running is almost entirely mental at this point.

Now that I'm home: Knee is aching. Hamstring is throbbing. Face is sweaty. Stomach is nauseated from the water that I drank too fast. Wondering where those endorphins are.

Why do I do this?

This is the third half marathon that I am training for and it seems that both times I trained before I also had a yucky run like this. I am glad its over and I'm so excited to run 11 miles next week. I will never give up!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Five obsessions of October...

This is a long time obsession. I love macademia nut luna bars. They go great with black coffee. And if they weren't 190 calories I would eat them all day long.

I have been listening to Pandora non stop. I guess this obsession is a bit of a revisiting of an obsession that I had about a year and a half ago. Thanks Renae for the reminder.

I have had this distress stickles for close to a couple years. Lately I have been using it lots and lots! I've been adding it to edges of photos on my pages for a nice distressed look.

This tiger tail is my friend. I am actively trying to avoid injury this season, and not being very successful! So he helps me massage out all my super sore and tight muscles. (That is not my leg. All these photos are GIS images)
I got this mineral powder last year on my birthday (20% off your birthday month!) and this fall I have been using it like crazy. I go through periods of time when I don't wear much makeup. Usually in the fall I wear more make up because I am increasingly WHITE with the decreasing amount of sunlight. I just love this precious diamond shimmer dust...its just the perfect amount of glitter. (And I do love my glitter!)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Weekend photos 10/8-10

I am totally sweaty from my gym workout and actually am completely this post will be quick! I had a fantastic weekend with my best friend Renae. She celebrated her 25th birthday on Saturday so I drove over to Spokane for the weekend to celebrate with her.

So here we go...
Here is my pretty friend and a yummy apple dumping with vanilla sauce purchased at Greenbluff. It is my fall tradition to eat one of these and Renae got to try it for the first time.
Here Anne-Marie and I are eating raw corn. Yum!
I had to sneak in a photo of Mal sleeping. I just love their comforter pattern as well! I'd like some scrapbook paper that looks like that!
Renae's birthday cake...I brought it from Seattle and it got a little slumped. My friend Kayla made it for me. Red Velvet, Renae's favorite.
Happy Birthday Renae!
After the cake was devoured, Renae, Rachel and I had a little fun with the extra frosting (there was lots!) Rachel decided to make a pink frosting snowman. :)
And one last photo...I took a picture with my SLR while driving! I just couldn't miss the pretty sunset on the way back to Seattle. It was really epic. I just love that Columbia River Gorge.
Signing off and going to get myself a bite to eat!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Several Octobers ago...

October is always a big month for me...

This may be a long and boring post. I've kind of highlighted the last ten Octobers of my life. So if you don't know me, you may want to skip reading this and wait until tomorrow when I post my pictures from the weekend!

2009: I trained for the Seattle half marathon...first time running all those miles. My favorite drink was a Starbucks misto with 1 pump of pumpkin spice and 2 pumps sugar free vanilla

2008: We began watching Star Trek Voyager. I got my ears pierced! I ran with Aileen three times a week in the mornings before work.

2007: Matt and I decided to LOOK at cars. We ended up buying a Scion tc. It was a bit of an impulse buy, but I am very happy with it! Pete and Hannah were engaged, and I started getting to know her a little.

2006: On fine day we visited a Pet Smart and ended up falling in love with a little black and white cat, Leo! We had to wait a couple weeks, but we took him home as a little kitten. We started watching Star Trek DS9. Matt and I were sick with sore throat, vertigo and/or pink eye for the whole month!

2005: Anne-Marie, Renae and I went on a trip to Seattle for Renae's birthday. (Actually Anne-Marie and I literally stole Renae out of the bed and surprised her!) The guys all made us dinner at Pete's house. We ate cake which was all smashed from being in my car. There was a particular cute guy named Matt that ended up asking me out the next day! October 2005 was a VERY nice month for me. :)

2004: I was in my first couple weeks of Dental hygiene school...wearing purple scrubs...learning how to probe...learning how to floss my partner's teeth...taking x-rays for the first time. I got in my first "accident." Some mean person smashed my car while I was parked in a trailer park. I started my first art project of making magnets with magazine clippings, bottle caps and diamond glaze. (I still have those magnets on my fridge!)
In my journal 8-13-04: "I am going to attempt to lose weight starting tomorrow" (Some things never change!)

2003: I had a crush on a boy from my first aid class. I was also in love with Orlando Bloom. :) I cleaned lots and lots of super dirty trailers. I listened to lots of Pink Floyd and Def Lepard.

In my journal 8-24-03: "I would also like to lose 10 lbs and get a skinny stomach."

2002: I went to lots of cross country meets to watch my brother race. One of my favorite things to wear was my red heart boxer shorts to run in. (What was I thinking?) I had a crush on "Skater boy" from my Biology class. I watched Sweet Home Alabama in the theater.

2001: 10th grade! In weights class I could bench press 60 lbs and squat 95 lbs. I started liking a guy (who's name I wont mention) that I ended up liking most of high school. He was a very good friend. I took the PSAT test. I always hated standardized testing.

In my journal 8-23-01: "Men are just stupid, immature bums."

2000: (TEN YEARS AGO!) Enjoyed the first few weeks of high school...loved the decorated walls for homecoming. "Kryptonite" by 3 Doors Down was my favorite song. My "thing" was passing out gum to all the boys in my classes. I was a little boy crazy!

In my journal 8-20-00: "Tiff and me are trying to get skinny and fit."

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photos from my weekend 8/1-3

Friday night: Home meeting at Chris & Terry's. As it was the first day of October, I got a little carried away taking fall photos. I even tried taking a photo of a spider web...which is very, very hard by the way! Sometime this fall I WILL take a clear spider web photo.

Here are a couple nice ones I got of that night:
The hands are moving fast and blurry, yet I though this was a cute photo of A & A.

Saturday! A very sporty day. I started out my day with a nice nine mile run.

Then Matty & I scored some Sounders tickets from his friend Delaney! It was a really fun time, and they WON!
After the game we headed down to P & H's house to watch the Husky game. All the ladies dressed in purple...
Debbie made some AWESOME cupcakes...Heather decorated the table and purple of course,,,(and there is even some Cougar cheese on the table!)
The Huskies won the game against USC! It was a blast spending time with these fun people.

On Sunday Matty and decided to finish up the weekend with some yummy Tutta Bella pizza. I have had a thing for pizza lately, I just love it!