Thursday, October 21, 2010

This is how my run went...

Miles 1-3: Fun, easy, light hearted, listening to happy music
Mile 4: Ran up a super long and steep hill=utter exhaustion
Mile 5: Nice down hill slope=feeling recovered
Mile 6: Another steep and windy hill=hamstring starts to throb
Mile 7: Feeling thirsty, yucky dry mouth
Mile 8: Another hill=all my muscles are starting to ache (including said hamstring)
Mile 9: Feeling the worst side ache I've ever felt (including all mentioned in mile 6-8)
Mile 10: Noticing that running is almost entirely mental at this point.

Now that I'm home: Knee is aching. Hamstring is throbbing. Face is sweaty. Stomach is nauseated from the water that I drank too fast. Wondering where those endorphins are.

Why do I do this?

This is the third half marathon that I am training for and it seems that both times I trained before I also had a yucky run like this. I am glad its over and I'm so excited to run 11 miles next week. I will never give up!!!


  1. Huh... I guess I just can't comment at work. Seems to be working fine at home.
    Wow... ten miles, that's K-razy ;)

  2. Wow! I guess I am not sure why you do it!
    If it keeps you healthy, great. If it injures you, not so great. Hope you enjoy the rest of your training. MOM