Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weekend photos 2/24-26

Life has been a little rough around our household for the past couple of weeks. It was really nice to have some nice distractions this weekend!

1) Anne-Marie came to visit. She is the perfect visitor because she requires no maintenance and is willing to stay up late and watch old episodes of "New Girl" until midnight.

2) Peter came to visit! I haven't seen much of him lately, so it was nice to have him over...not once, but twice! Saturday and Sunday he came to our place and joined in the general laziness that was going on. We went on a little "hike" to the taco truck on Saturday night...
(please excuse the cell phone photo and the nasty lighting!)

3) Thai food on Sunday! We found a little place called Thai Fusion Bistro. Its very good and conveniently located nearby at the Northgate movie theater area.

Anne-Marie and I shared the Phad Thai and the chicken curry. Delicious!

We had a little fun with chopsticks...
4) When we got home from eating lunch we were planning on running Green Lake but decided to rest our tummies for a bit. We all ended up falling asleep in the three lazy boys that are in our living room! By the time we woke up it was around five and the Oscars were starting! I can't believe even now that we were so lazy and sat in our chairs all Sunday afternoon watching the Academy awards. But we did! It was actually really fun.

5) Peter came over and we went to TJ's to buy some food for the week. Pete bought some "Simple Times Ale" that everyone drank, except for me. I had some dark chocolate as my indulgence!

The boys were so funny in the back seat. :)

6) When we got home we all watched "The Help." I had already seen it but its a really good movie and I was glad to watch it again.

7) Even though I had an epic baby photography fail, I was so happy to visit my friend Ellen and her cute baby on Saturday. Isn't she cute?

That was quite a weekend. And I even worked for a couple hours on Saturday. (Matt and I joked that I made just enough money to pay for the tacos for dinner!) Only one more day before another weekend begins. :)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Scrapbooking Therapy

Yay for scrapbooking as therapy! I recently made a scrapbook page about a day in December when we visited the gingerbread houses downtown. I am pretty sure I posted those pictures on my blog. It was fun to go back and scrapbook fun holiday times!
I thought I would also upload my Project Life pages from a few weeks ago. I am pretty sure these are Week 5:

Highlights include: Awesome valentine graphic from a Starbucks mug, bits and pieces from our date on Wednesday night (includes pink spoon from gelato place...pretty proud of that!), a couple photos from Amy's of them is a self timed shot that turned out pretty blue but I like it anyway.

I printed several more pictures from our date night, but only put one picture of the coffee into this book. I will have to make a scrapbook page about it sometime.I added a cute little tag to the corner of Martha Stewart's designs for Staples. Love that stuff! I put my airplane boarding pass in one of the pockets and added a little airplane that I cut out of Amy Tangerine paper.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baby shower + New baby + breakfast

I guess its time for a new post...since its been a week since Valentine's Day! To be honest I've been really busy, but haven't taken much time to take photos or be crafty.

I thought I would just share a few photos I've taken recently. Last weekend I attended a baby shower for a good friend. The decorations were so cute and I had a blast taking photos.

I just love that there were rubber duckies swimming in the punch...
And of course I had to take a cupcake photo...
Congratulations Amy! I am so excited to meet baby Levi in March!
And in other very exciting baby news...

Baby Allen finally arrived! I was so glad we got to see her right after she was born in the hospital. Last night I even got to hold her for two hours while she slept! (Of course I didn't take any pictures of that though!)

Here she is in the hospital! I better ask her Mom before posting any pics of her on here....although Mom looked super beautiful of course. :)
She is a big baby with cute big feet! Everyone was gathering around looking at her feet...
Okay so I wont be completely baby crazed in this post. I will finish off by posting a photo of my breakfast the other day. I have really been enjoying eating fresh fruit and raw oatmeal with my yogurt.
Thanks for reading all of this...even though its pretty random. :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

I am planning on spending V-Day with my cute hubby Matt.

After work we will be getting two for one mochas at Starbucks before heading to the movies with our good friends.

Matty bought me a Fujifilm mini instax camera for Valentine's Day! I have been asking for one for two years, but he could not understand how I could want an instant camera when I already have a much nicer camera. Its all for fun, of course!

So its in the mail soon as it comes I will be taking pictures and sharing them here. Can't wait!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A day in the Life of Jenn

Sorry about my "woe is me" post from yesterday. I was truly in a funk. But I guess that's just the reality. Every day is not "just peachy."

I still managed to take several photos throughout the day, although you may notice a significant missing portion from the hours of 8-5. Oh well.

Day started out pretty normal. Woke up 6:30. Coffee. Yogurt with raw oatmeal (my current breakfast fave). Shower. Packed gym bag...
Took a photo of Matt grabbing clothes from the dryer...
I love that we get up around the same time and get ready for work together! Its something great about Matt's new job. He doesn't need as much time to get ready. Usually we wakes up at 7:15 and I wake up at 6:30 even though we both start work at 8:00. Convenient to be a guy!

Work lasted from 8-2:30. I usually work until 3:30 on Wednesday but yesterday was a little shorter. And good thing because I was exhausted!

I ran around Green lake and didn't make it all the way around, so I walked a little. I stepped into Matt's office to get my back cracked.

I had an appointment with my trainer at 4:00 but I was STARVING so I bought myself a Jimmy John's sub. It was DELICIOUS and very fattening.

I felt much better (see post from yesterday) after my appointment with Christina. We did a lot of TRX machine for the back and shoulders and some extra hamstring active stretches.

I have a few photos of my afternoon.

Leo is very picky and will only eat out of this bowl. If Flash tried to eat, he usually pushes him out of the way. But here is just Leo...
I worked on my Project Life album. I got that heart graphic from a Starbucks cup yesterday and I cut it up. I LOVE that heart graphic. :)

Matty and I went on a date. So I got all showered and makeup-ed and brushed my teeth.

We went to the Olive Garden. I have been complaining because we never go there anymore! We used to go pretty often back in Spokane, but I don't think I've been in almost four years. We always joke that they have great Food Services of America food there.

We had a lot of fun! And ate a TON. That is what FSA restaurants are all about. You get a lot of food for your money. :)

Here is my decaf coffee...

Here is Matty and his chick drink (non alcoholic and "light!")I ordered the soup, salad, and bread sticks.

Just like old times! I used to order this same meal all the time in dental hygiene school when I would go with my class mates to grab lunch.

We finished up our "tour of Italy" with gelato at a little place near Green lake. I got three flavors: coconut, Disaronno, and pistachio. Yum! I love taking gelato photos.

When we got home, Matty and I rented a movie from Red Box called "Drive." It has Ryan Gosling in it, who is SO CUTE, but unfortunately the movie was a little bloody and violent for our taste.

I snapped a photo of Matt playing his video game before the movie...

That is all for my Wednesday! Not exactly a typical day in the life of Jenn, but there were some good things that I'm glad I documented.

Thoughts on a rainy Wednesday

The last four days in Seattle have been GORGEOUS! Sunny, bright, cloudless (nearly) and surprisingly warm...even reaching 60 degrees.

Today is rainy and cold. I intended to run 6 miles after work but just remembered that I have an afternoon appointment so that wont happen.

I feel a little rainy on the inside.

My left shoulder hurts from my Monday tetanus shot. My right arm hurts from Dental hygiene.

It's just not a good day. I thought I would just quickly whine and complain about my problems since I usually am so positive all the time (ha!).

I intended to take pictures today for Ali Edwards "Day in the life" and so far have only taken two photos! I didn't bring my SLR to work (of course).

Tomorrow I will be back with those photos and (hopefully) a more happy attitude.

Love, Jenn :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Project Life Week 4-5

I finished my Project Life pages yesterday at Ellen's house. I tried to entertain her while she is on "bed rest." Fortunately we have gotten sunlight the last few days so I was able to photograph my pages.
Week four was last week. The first part of the week was pretty routine so I didn't really add any pictures, just one of Leo sleeping on my scrapbook table. This is his new sleeping place, and he loves to knock all my stuff off the table. :) I recorded a few things from work, which is something I rarely do in my Project Life. The "Full" tab is from the nitrous tank.
The second part of the week was a little more "fun" and included walking with Brooke, an delicious Thanksgiving dinner provided by Ellen and Josh, and some valentine making on Saturday.
I used a Smash tablet to record about the "Thanksgiving" dinner. Thanks Ellen!
Week Five was lots of fun and included an extra insert that I got at Staples. Remember my previous post? All those supplies have been put to good use on this week. The photo from Saturday was accidentally not printed at Costco, so I left it out and will add it in a couple weeks when I do a new order.
This week includes photos of children's meeting, new baby room, jewel box cafe, another walk with Brooke, having Pete and Hannah over, and general photos hanging out with Josh and Ellen. It was a full week! I had lots of "stuff" too, which makes me happy.

Here's the back of that insert:

Thanks for looking!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow for a week

I made a scrapbook page that I really like, with lots of fun techniques.

I misted the background.

I added frosted lace stickles to the letter stickers to make it look like snow.

I inked all the edges.

I cut up a snowflake die cut paper to make the snowflakes.

Okay there aren't THAT many techniques. But still fun to make!

Here is the page...
Renae gave me that heart years ago (thanks Renae!) and she did a few techniques of her own. I think she painted it with shimmerz and added stickles to the edges. Very cute addition to my page!

I cut the word strips out of various pattern papers...a couple of my favorite papers by October Afternoon and Cosmo Cricket...

(Images are GIS)
Thanks for looking!

Friday, February 3, 2012

I have a new love!

I went a couple weeks without spending money. Then I just HAD to purchase these awesome office supplies that I found at Staples! They are made by Martha Stewart. I have already used one of the mini page protectors and the labels in my Project Life.
Its a good thing that I didn't have much time, because I would have purchased WAY more things. I am addicted!

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Eating...Greek yogurt (full fat!) and oatmeal (raw!)

Drinking...Black coffee, of course.

Wearing...the color purple. I'm wearing it all the time now. (Thanks to my friend Audra.)

Planning...on visiting an art museum tonight

Texting...Ellen about our museum plans

Waiting...about five more minutes until I leave the house and go for a walk the sound of a very loud dishwasher

Feeling...a little BLAH today

Noticing...Matt left his keys at home today! Uh oh!

Promising...a more exiting post soon with some pretty photos. :)