Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thoughts on a rainy Wednesday

The last four days in Seattle have been GORGEOUS! Sunny, bright, cloudless (nearly) and surprisingly warm...even reaching 60 degrees.

Today is rainy and cold. I intended to run 6 miles after work but just remembered that I have an afternoon appointment so that wont happen.

I feel a little rainy on the inside.

My left shoulder hurts from my Monday tetanus shot. My right arm hurts from Dental hygiene.

It's just not a good day. I thought I would just quickly whine and complain about my problems since I usually am so positive all the time (ha!).

I intended to take pictures today for Ali Edwards "Day in the life" and so far have only taken two photos! I didn't bring my SLR to work (of course).

Tomorrow I will be back with those photos and (hopefully) a more happy attitude.

Love, Jenn :)


  1. Of coarse you are on my "fridge" silly. You are in the picture at TopPot Doughnuts. One of my favorite pictures ever. Hopefully you are feeling more chipper tomorrow. And your New Years picture with Matt, is the only picture on my real fridge.
    BFF! Renae

  2. Sorry you are having a gloomy day :( Sending lots of Hugs your way!

    See I even wrote you a poem! xoxo

  3. Love your friends comments. So dear. I am sure you already feel less rainy inside!