Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Weekend photos 2/24-26

Life has been a little rough around our household for the past couple of weeks. It was really nice to have some nice distractions this weekend!

1) Anne-Marie came to visit. She is the perfect visitor because she requires no maintenance and is willing to stay up late and watch old episodes of "New Girl" until midnight.

2) Peter came to visit! I haven't seen much of him lately, so it was nice to have him over...not once, but twice! Saturday and Sunday he came to our place and joined in the general laziness that was going on. We went on a little "hike" to the taco truck on Saturday night...
(please excuse the cell phone photo and the nasty lighting!)

3) Thai food on Sunday! We found a little place called Thai Fusion Bistro. Its very good and conveniently located nearby at the Northgate movie theater area.

Anne-Marie and I shared the Phad Thai and the chicken curry. Delicious!

We had a little fun with chopsticks...
4) When we got home from eating lunch we were planning on running Green Lake but decided to rest our tummies for a bit. We all ended up falling asleep in the three lazy boys that are in our living room! By the time we woke up it was around five and the Oscars were starting! I can't believe even now that we were so lazy and sat in our chairs all Sunday afternoon watching the Academy awards. But we did! It was actually really fun.

5) Peter came over and we went to TJ's to buy some food for the week. Pete bought some "Simple Times Ale" that everyone drank, except for me. I had some dark chocolate as my indulgence!

The boys were so funny in the back seat. :)

6) When we got home we all watched "The Help." I had already seen it but its a really good movie and I was glad to watch it again.

7) Even though I had an epic baby photography fail, I was so happy to visit my friend Ellen and her cute baby on Saturday. Isn't she cute?

That was quite a weekend. And I even worked for a couple hours on Saturday. (Matt and I joked that I made just enough money to pay for the tacos for dinner!) Only one more day before another weekend begins. :)


  1. Glad you got to see Annemarie! Sitting, eating, napping and TV. Hmmmm. Darling photo of baby P!!!

  2. I am so glad you had such a relaxing delightful weekend :)

  3. I like the yawning baby photo! (apparently, I am way behind on blog reading). Sounds like a fun weekend!