Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend Adventure

Even though I worked this morning I had a great day! After work I had steak at Bob & Annie's and then Peter and Hannah and I went on a walking adventure to Downtown. We walked all the way from their house in East Lake to Peter's building which is in the middle of downtown. Very fun! The building has a nice view, and there were even chips and salsa in the kitchen to munch on! After that adventure we took a bus over to Capitol Hill where I got to eat my FAVORITE dish, Bi Bim Bob. Love that stuff! Here are a few pictures!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Its almost Friday...

Reasons I am happy today, yet excited for Friday...

1) I Love Thursdays. I have the morning off and get so much laundry, dishes, cleaning, errands. I also have an appointment with my trainer every Thursday morning. My day always starts in an excellent way!
2) I thought today was going to be a "nothing" day. Matt was planning on skiing in the evening and I expected to spend the evening after work ALONE. For my picture of the day I took a picture of my cute socks...that is how routine and boring the day was...
3) But today was not a nothing day! Peter and Hannah came over and cooked me dinner, and then they stayed to watch a Star Trek episode. Hannah made reduced fat Brownies from TJs, which were excellent. I ate 3.5 of them and still am in my range of calories for the day. Awesome!
4) Captain Picard got captured by the Borg. Tonight's episode was excellent and brilliant.
5)Matty came home early from skiing because the snow was less than desirable. So he got to hang out with us tonight!
6) He tells me that I have new muscles in my arms! Yay! (probably because I have been trying SO HARD to do a pull up. I haven't done it yet.)
7) I am getting my bag packed for tomorrow because after work I am running from work, around Greenlake, and up to Lake City Toyota to pick up my car from the shop. That is 10.5 miles and I am so excited! I am ready to RUN RUN RUN!

Star Trek, Brownies, Matty, "new muscles", running, company...What a wonderful way to almost end the week. Ciao!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A few complaints...

Today I almost got in a car wreck. A crazy car came out of nowhere (from a parked position) and I had to correct all the way into the oncoming traffic lane to avoid him. Annoying.

It rained today! First time in several days.

My car got towed. This is the worst. You just feel like such a criminal when you pay to get your car back, handing your credit card through the little hole in the bullet proof glass. Then they buzz the door open and you trudge to the very back of the impound lot to get your car. Which of course is parked so close to the next car that you have to climb in through the passenger side door. And all that good service for $270! What a rip off. Well the worst thing is that it is my fault for being an idiot and parking where I wasn't supposed to.

I ate too much today. As much as I tried to eat light I was just STARVING all day. So when I got to Chris & Terry's tonight I just couldn't help stuffing my face with all that taco salad. Yum!

I took my car to Toyota to have the maintenance done, (Yay! More money down the drain!) and so now I get to take the bus tomorrow. Oh joy!

Just thought I should complain a bit for good measure. This blog has been too positive lately, lol. :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Beautiful for six days!

I am just so thrilled with this weather. I know all I ever talk about is the weather, at least with my patients. It may seem impersonal but honestly I do really get excited about how nice it is outside! My operatory has a window which is mostly awesome, but also is a bit of a teaser since it makes me want to go OUTSIDE! On my way to work this morning I stopped by green lake for a quick 20 minute walk and took some photos of the ducks and the crocuses and the daffodils. I know that I just did this a few days ago, but I just can't get enough. Yay!

So mom is gone and life is back to usual. It was nice being back at work (can't believe I said that.) I ran 6 miles last night with Matt, it was a nice easy jog. Tonight I am headed to the gym for a hard work out of intervals and then maybe a boot camp class. Wish me luck, I will need it!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scrapbook crazy...

So I have been scrapbooking so much lately that I feel that patterned paper is going to come out of my ears. I scrapbooked with Renae last week as well as a little shopping and then my mom came into town this week, so of course I did a little more shopping and more scrapbooking. I finished Hannah's mini book for her Leavenworth trip, as well as several pages.

I made a page that took me 2 hours...
I used my slice. I used my Martha Stewart Glitter. I used my stamps. I used lots of new paper and some older paper and supplies. Good day.

So here is one of my pages...

Joy watched me scrapbook a little today while we skyped her...We talked to her for about 1.5 hours!

So now I am going to take a little sabbatical from scrapbooking. We will see how long that lasts!

Friday, February 19, 2010


I just have to share these photos I took yesterday! My mom and I walked around Greenlake! The day was gorgeous, the weather around 60 degrees with the sun shining BRIGHTLY! I took a few photos at Green lake that shows that Spring is coming soon!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Running: An announcement, update and a thought

Announcement: I just ran 12 miles and I feel great! I am glad I ran in the morning to get it over with because I have the rest of the day to relax!

Update: My shoes are much, MUCH better. They didn't give me blisters today. I guess Matt was right, that you shouldn't break in new shoes on a 10 mile run.

A thought: I noticed this morning that lots of the runners at Green lake, including moms with strollers, all had their make up done nicely and hair clean and neatly pulled back. I thought this was strange and I've never noticed it before. I have never thought about showering BEFORE running and especially not putting make up on. Strange. So is this just me? Am I the odd ball? Is it bad that I generally look like crap when I run? I NEVER have clean hair. I NEVER have make up on, unless its smeared from the day before. Maybe I am just a total loser. Just a thought. Please comment if you have any ideas on the matter. Should you look great when you go out to jog? Or go to the gym? I am perplexed.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Weekend madness

It was a really great weekend. My friend Renae was in town and I had a blast seeing her! Hannah and Renae and I went scrapbook shopping together. Hannah might even delve into scrapping just a little; she wants to make a wedding book as a gift. Here are some highlights (or low lights) ...

1) Discovering that U Fitness is closed...Matty is sad. We were trying to work out there as a group and were very disappointed that it has closed its doors. Matty got fit there for the first time! So he is a little sentimental.
2) Scrapbook shopping up on Lynnwood. Renae and I and Hannah spent over an hour there perusing every aisle...I think Hannah might think we are crazy! R & I get a little excited about supplies sometimes, especially PAPER!
3) Matt and I bought an orchid for Annie. It was very cute. He really wanted to buy her a nice flower for her birthday. :)
4) Ate dinner Sat. night at East Lake bar & grill. I ate an awesome crab salad! (and a few french fries, oops!)
5) Valentine's Day on Sunday! Matty bought me a new watch and some See's chocolate truffles. I have already eaten all the chocolates...they were yummy!
6) Valentine dinner with Heather & Phil and Stephanie and their families. It was a lot of fun! I have some photos up on my facebook:!/album.php?aid=390762&id=823570563

So the weekend is over and I have started my week. I have been pretty bad the last couple of weeks about eating too much. I have been exercising consistently but my calories intake is too high and I think I have gained a few pounds. But yesterday I did great and so far today things are going well. I ran this morning at Green lake with Marcia, and we went 4.8 miles. Tomorrow I attempt 12 miles! I need to get my long run out of the way because my mom is coming to visit tomorrow!

Have a good week! Sorry for the long post!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Up Late

Here is a list of memorable things that made up my day. Its important to remember the little things...
1) I got to sleep in!
2) I made myself an Oatmeal Pancake from the South Beach Diet book. It has been SO long since I have had one and they are so delicious! I spread 1 tbs of peanut butter and spenda on it.
3) I got a free 8 oz coffee when I bought gas tonight!
4) Hannah & Marcia & I had a girl's night. Hannah made yummy salad with avocado & chicken.
5) I had some creme brulee from TJ' yummy!!! Of course I had to add it to my calorie log but I didn't go TOO much over. :-/
6) Us girls watched a Lebanese chick flick with subtitles. It was PG and a nice movie, albeit a little strange. We felt very international and sophisticated to be watching a foreign film.
7) Matt and I are both up quite late because we had coffee late at night. Its always nice to be up late with him, since usually he hits the sack around 10.
8) Tomorrow is FRIDAY! I am running 11 miles tomorrow. :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fabulous weekend

Even though I ate too much, this weekend was lots of fun. Hannah came over on Saturday and helped me make my house nice and clean! Then the two of us couples dressed up and went out to dinner. We went to the Pink Door, which is an adorable little restaurant downtown, near Pike Place. I thought I should post a few pictures of our night...

And here is cute photo of Matt on his hike to Mailbox Peak, early on Saturday. I couldn't go because I had to work! :(

Friday, February 5, 2010

Running, burning and bleeding

I just got back from a 10 mile run in the Seattle area. I just loved it! Unfortunately I was a bit of an idiot and wore some brand new shoes on the run. I am now bleeding and full of blisters! When I finished my run my garmin told me "Congratulations! You won"...then..."You've finished workout." It made me feel so good. I was still about 1.6 miles away from my house and of course since my feet were hurting so bad I had to just take off my shoes. I then walked all the way home barefoot! Thank goodness for 60 degree days!

I am so happy that I just burned 1000 calories. So now I am eating blueberries with a little half and half and splenda. YUM!!!

Tonight I am headed to G & A's for a home meeting. So I think today will be a pretty complete day. Tomorrow Matt says he has a surprise date for me! How about that! Can't wait!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life on Wednesdays

Wednesdays are my easiest day. I am not sure why that is. Usually I end up having "easier" clients and the day just zooms by. I am always really happy to get off work at 2:00 and then I usually do some exercising. Today it was a little sunny! It actually rained in the morning but when I was about to run the sun came through the clouds and it was a very relaxing run. I love that!

My little kitties are driving me crazy. Two nights ago Flash knocked over my bedside light and alarm clock at about 3am. Later that morning I found him sleeping in the dryer on all the clean clothes! Right now Leo is crying at the slider door and scratching it (bad sound!) so that I will open it and let him out. Of course if I do he will sit there and decide if he wants out or not and let in all the cold air. Of course.

This evening may be a little boring and lonely because Matt is working. I may go to Costco with Pete & Hannah which would be awesome because I need new blueberries! We go through those $7 bags of frozen blueberries in less than a week. They are an excellent evening snack! And speaking of blueberries and am eating a vegan blueberry muffin that is only 210! I had one this morning but I just had to have one more. They from TJs. I love them!

On more thing...not to be long...haha...but I set up a skype account this morning and was wondering how do I find people to talk to. Any insights? Thanks!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Computer photos by request...

Here is a photo of my husband playing with our new computer for the first time. This is for you Joy! Yes the computer is big, but it doesn't weigh that much. We can easily move it from room to room. But of course that is because we have strong muscles. :) And the operating system is Windows 7.