Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The One with Hello


Doubtful that anyone is still reading this crazy blog of Crazydiamond. Just thought I would shout out a quick update, JUST IN CASE...

I am 14 weeks pregnant.

Just fat enough that I can barely squeeze into my scrubs, but not fat enough that people would say that I am pregnant. Lucky me.

I am puking much less now, although I swear I caught the flu on the way home from Cabo on Sunday...I was so sick and throwing up non stop that I swore I was truly sick and not just pregnant.

But today is Tuesday and I am at least keeping food down. (Good for baby, not good for expanding wasteline.)

I am sick of the rain. Sick of the cold. Ready for summer. I spend a week in Cabo and truly appreciated and loved every minute of the summer weather. It just made me want summer more! We only get a few days A YEAR like the weather we had in Mexico.

I am eating bagels & cream cheese, ritz crackers and top ramen almost every day.

I am NOT eating Paleo, and I am NOT eating any vegetables.

I am working full time still and hoping to pick up some Saturdays so that I can somehow figure out a way to pay for this little one on the way.

We are thinking of names this week. I have a couple girl name ideas picked out. Matty is still convinced that if its a boy, he gets to name him Matthew. So no boy names have been discussed. We will find out in a month or so...

I better get to work so I'm not late. :)