Monday, May 31, 2010


Just got back from a wonderful camping trip for the three day weekend. Due to a slight hiccup in our travel plans, we ended up switching campsites each night for a total of THREE awesome campsites within the Lake Wenatchee campground. It was crazy. And it was fun. I ate a lot.

Here are a couple of photos I took.
I have 422 and haven't really looked through them all to find the best, but here are a couple that I like:
Notice how two of these photos are me climbing on a rock in the middle of the river. I just love to run around and climb on rocks. In the first photo, Peter and I had to jump over part of the river to get to the rock, which was kind of scary but totally fun.

Even though I am exhausted and sick of fatty foods, I can't wait to go camping again!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Icky Monday

The weekend was excellent albiet a little incident when I forgot about a time change that resulted in us missing a wedding...anyways...

I have such a headache today. And I had a couple cancellations at work so that is why I am on the internet! Its been a very unusual day. Whenever we drive from Spokane to Seattle in the early morning, I always feel AWFUL for the rest of the day. Today is no different, I FEEL AWFUL! But I hope to feel better soon.

I inconvieniently left my cell phone in Spokane! So no one will be able to call me or text me for the rest of the week. I will get my phone back on Friday.

I will write a more positive post soon, probably one with some PICTURES!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My new photo topic...

So I guess the exercising photos were a little boring. So sorry! This week I am taking photos of food. I will try to mix it up and be creative with this, but we will see what happens.

I just wanted to insert and say that I really like taking pictures every day. I have been good about not scrapbooking every little thing in my life and instead just taking a photo a day, writing a bit about it, and putting it in an album. Of course there are pretty papers involved as well. :)

So Tuesday's photo is my breakfast. Coffee with milk (Made by Matt) and yummy greek yogurt with Chia seeds. I usually eat plain yogurt but they didn't have any at PCC where I was shopping on Monday. I went to get those Chia seeds which the Tarahumara eat! They give you energy for running (supposedly.) I learned this from "Born to Run".
Today's photo is my lunch, which was a yummy salad that I made yesterday and saved some for today. I have been loving making yummy, crunchy salads. I discovered two things at Trader Joe's which I LOVE. Broccoli sprouts give the salad a really nice texture. And I found a new salad dressing, Spicy Peanut! Love that stuff! Its 70 cal per 2 tbsp. I put kidney beans of my salad for protein, making it a meal.
Thanks for reading my boring post about food. I will think of an interesting post one of these days. :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday & Monday photos

Last two days of "exercise" photos...

Sunday photo is of me holding some new running books/magazines that I got from Lindsay. The photo was taken by Matt as I am on my way to the gym. I got kicked out on Sunday night when they closed the gym at seven and was only able to complete 1/2 hour on the elliptical. Then I ran Green lake. It was a beautiful night and I ran FAST. And WITHOUT pain! Yay!
Today's photo is pretty unexciting. I woke up a bit late, but was able to squeeze in a 20 minute pilates video. Tonight I walked with Matt at Green lake. We only went about two miles because we stopped at PCC to get some quick groceries and then walked back.
I have done seven days in a row of at least one hour of cardio each day. (Monday through Sunday, not counting today) I am going to see how many days I can go!

And now I need a new topic to photograph for a week. I am thinking maybe food??? Any ideas?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday & Saturday photos

Friday I spent the afternoon in THE SUN! I walked around the lake with Lindsay and then ran around it. I did one mile of it BAREFOOT! That was fun. I tried to do a few pull ups, only managed a partial pull up, but did do a few chin ups. I have to get back in the groove!

I managed to take a photo of myself after changing into my running clothes in the car...
Today (Saturday) Matt and I went on a round trip 35 mile bike ride to Alki Beach. This photo is me in the grass relaxing once we got to Alki. The first 18 miles there was amazing, even though we rode up and down Queen Anne, which was killer. On the way back my knee hurt so bad that I hyperventilated. Then I breathed through my hands (no paper bag available) which helped.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The last two pictures...

Wednesday's photo: Me on the way to the gym and then to boot camp (which is also at the gym.) I did eliptical for 17 minutes and then the class for an hour.
Today I have gone on two walks and am about to go on a third. Here we are at Greenlake this morning. I also went walking with Josh & Ellen in Edmonds. And when Matt gets home we will walk Greenlake again! Its better than eating naughty snacks and watching useless tv, right?
3/7 Days working out in a row! (At least one hour cardio each day) Completed!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Picture of the Day

Yes, I am still taking a photo every day. Its getting harder and harder to take pictures of interesting things. I might start having a theme for each week to make it easier. This week my theme is "Exercise," big surprise, I know! This week I have a goal to work out well every day and I want to take a picture to prove it! Here's my photo for today...
I ran for an hour tonight on the elliptical and read my book "Born to Run." I am almost finished reading.

Monday, May 10, 2010

What a crazy weekend!

Although the sun was shining beautifully, Matty and I had a tough weekend. There were so many people to see and things to do that we got a little worn out.

Renae and Joe were over this weekend with Ryan and Tiffany. They had their own agenda of going out to lots of places and eating some of J & R's favorite foods. I did get to tag along with them to one of the restaurants, Pam's Kitchen, in the University District. I thought the food was amazing, but it was a tad spicy.

Matt's good friend Matthew was in town from N.C. for his sister's wedding. We went to the rehearsal dinner on Friday night as well as the wedding on Saturday. Shelley's wedding was very sweet and beautiful. We had a little trouble finding the reception, as my direction reading skills were not at their best. One wrong turn from W. Seattle and you end up on 99 North and can't get off until downtown Seattle! And then you run into a mob of super excited Sounder's fans and you are in an instant traffic jam! The reception was fun. It was great to see so much of Heather and Phil this weekend and of course Matthew who we hardly ever see.

On Saturday night our fish died! We think that maybe Leo had something to do with his untimely death, as the top of the fishtank with the light was submerged in the water when I got home that night. The light was burned out and we found the fish upside down at the back of the tank. Lovely! I got it all on video. (Okay, not the actual death of the fish, but Matt discovery of the fish) Maybe I will post it sometime.

Sunday was crazy. Matt left his lights on in his car and the battery burned out. So we missed the meeting and walked over to Bob & Annie's where my car was.

We did a lot of fun things on Sunday. I don't have any pictures since I inconveniently left the SD card out of my camera. We rode beach cruisers on Alki. We went all the way to the end of Alki and to the side that faces Puget Sound and Vashon Island. Beautiful! Then we enjoyed iced lattes and slices of pizza and sat in the sun. We met up with the crew from Spokane and went the the Lockes in Ballard. That was really fun! Matt & I got fish & chips afterward. In the evening we had dinner and Heather and Phil's house where we enjoyed BBQ brisket. Phil did an awesome job preparing it.

Okay I realize this is an awfully long entry that probably no one will ever read. They will only skip to the end. The point is, the weekend was awesome, yet exhausting and I am so glad to be back in real life. I have been healthy today with my eating and did elliptical trainer for an hour tonight. Back to real life!

Thanks for reading it all if you did!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I love a lazy Saturday

It has been weeks and weeks since I've been home on a Saturday morning and not had to work! I have been doing a lot of traveling.

I LOVE waking up on Saturday to freshly brewed coffee and my dear husband in the living room, already awake for hours. Today I woke up at 7:30 because Leo and Flash were GOING AT IT! Literally there is hair EVERYWHERE! When they fight they tend to pull each other's fur out and it gets everywhere. I think its all in fun...but sometimes I wonder.

Matt is so nice. He is doing laundry at the moment and he just cleaned the kitchen.
I am drinking coffee and eating cereal for breakfast. My favorite Saturday meal!

I scrapbooked a little yesterday and made an HUGE mess on my scrapbook table. I think I got everything out. Today I made one more page, but before I did I took a photo of my mess. I love messy scrapbook table pictures, they are so inspiring!! Whenever I see one I want to go scrapbook!
Matty and I are listening to Fitz in the morning VERY LOUDLY! He also vacuumed so it has been a very loud morning. Perfect for waking me up!

The sun is shining! It is supposed to be seventy degrees today!

We are going to Shelly & Rich's wedding today at 2:00. I need to get off the computer and get ready soon because I am heading to the scrapbook store this morning with Renae, and I want to be all ready beforehand. Our favorite store is closing down up north and so everything is 30% off! And punches are 50% off! Of course I don't need anything, let alone more punches. But it will be fun to shop anyway!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Race Day!

Despite a throbbing knee and a less than trained body...I finished the race! I ran with Anne-Marie and Christina and had a blast. Bloomsday is always a really fun race.

I have a few thoughts..
.-My diet has to start tomorrow! I was TERRIBLE this weekend and several weekends prior. Its time to start anew.-My knee is not so great at the moment. This will be a week of cross-training for sure.-I have been reading the book "Born to Run" which is amazing! I am so inspired by these ultramarathon runners. I am not inspired to run 100 miles. But I am inspired to do more fun running and less stressful running. My goal is to do some trail running this summer.
-I have been traveling so much this past month (Ephrata twice, Spokane once, and Spokane twice at the end of March) that my house has really fallen apart. Its so messy!
-I watch too many silly TV shows.
-Here are a couple pictures of the weekend...Joe & Renae's amazing feast on Saturday night
Race Day photos!