Monday, May 10, 2010

What a crazy weekend!

Although the sun was shining beautifully, Matty and I had a tough weekend. There were so many people to see and things to do that we got a little worn out.

Renae and Joe were over this weekend with Ryan and Tiffany. They had their own agenda of going out to lots of places and eating some of J & R's favorite foods. I did get to tag along with them to one of the restaurants, Pam's Kitchen, in the University District. I thought the food was amazing, but it was a tad spicy.

Matt's good friend Matthew was in town from N.C. for his sister's wedding. We went to the rehearsal dinner on Friday night as well as the wedding on Saturday. Shelley's wedding was very sweet and beautiful. We had a little trouble finding the reception, as my direction reading skills were not at their best. One wrong turn from W. Seattle and you end up on 99 North and can't get off until downtown Seattle! And then you run into a mob of super excited Sounder's fans and you are in an instant traffic jam! The reception was fun. It was great to see so much of Heather and Phil this weekend and of course Matthew who we hardly ever see.

On Saturday night our fish died! We think that maybe Leo had something to do with his untimely death, as the top of the fishtank with the light was submerged in the water when I got home that night. The light was burned out and we found the fish upside down at the back of the tank. Lovely! I got it all on video. (Okay, not the actual death of the fish, but Matt discovery of the fish) Maybe I will post it sometime.

Sunday was crazy. Matt left his lights on in his car and the battery burned out. So we missed the meeting and walked over to Bob & Annie's where my car was.

We did a lot of fun things on Sunday. I don't have any pictures since I inconveniently left the SD card out of my camera. We rode beach cruisers on Alki. We went all the way to the end of Alki and to the side that faces Puget Sound and Vashon Island. Beautiful! Then we enjoyed iced lattes and slices of pizza and sat in the sun. We met up with the crew from Spokane and went the the Lockes in Ballard. That was really fun! Matt & I got fish & chips afterward. In the evening we had dinner and Heather and Phil's house where we enjoyed BBQ brisket. Phil did an awesome job preparing it.

Okay I realize this is an awfully long entry that probably no one will ever read. They will only skip to the end. The point is, the weekend was awesome, yet exhausting and I am so glad to be back in real life. I have been healthy today with my eating and did elliptical trainer for an hour tonight. Back to real life!

Thanks for reading it all if you did!


  1. Of coarse I read it all! It was a really packed weekend and I am glad to be having a little calmer back to real life week as well.

  2. I loved reading it all...:) So glad you got to see your friends again. Tough to have so many mishaps but at least you and Matt were together. See you soon. lubm

  3. Quite on the contrary my dear was not at all boring to read!