Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Picture of the Day

Yes, I am still taking a photo every day. Its getting harder and harder to take pictures of interesting things. I might start having a theme for each week to make it easier. This week my theme is "Exercise," big surprise, I know! This week I have a goal to work out well every day and I want to take a picture to prove it! Here's my photo for today...
I ran for an hour tonight on the elliptical and read my book "Born to Run." I am almost finished reading.


  1. A weekly theme might work...Let me know. A great photo of your progress. Keep doing your potd!

  2. Good Job! Maybe I will do POTD next year... sounds interesting. Or I could start now, and just go for 12 months. What do you think? is that weird? Anyways, good job on the running- thanks for the tips the other day!