Sunday, May 2, 2010

Race Day!

Despite a throbbing knee and a less than trained body...I finished the race! I ran with Anne-Marie and Christina and had a blast. Bloomsday is always a really fun race.

I have a few thoughts..
.-My diet has to start tomorrow! I was TERRIBLE this weekend and several weekends prior. Its time to start anew.-My knee is not so great at the moment. This will be a week of cross-training for sure.-I have been reading the book "Born to Run" which is amazing! I am so inspired by these ultramarathon runners. I am not inspired to run 100 miles. But I am inspired to do more fun running and less stressful running. My goal is to do some trail running this summer.
-I have been traveling so much this past month (Ephrata twice, Spokane once, and Spokane twice at the end of March) that my house has really fallen apart. Its so messy!
-I watch too many silly TV shows.
-Here are a couple pictures of the weekend...Joe & Renae's amazing feast on Saturday night
Race Day photos!

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  1. posted last night after driving home?! Renae and Joe look so cute together...a great photo of them. I am so glad you enjoyed your race and your day. You and Matt did great. lubm