Friday, April 30, 2010

Bloomsday weekend is coming up!

I am so excited for the coming weekend and my favorite race of the year. I will be racing as a one legged gal, but oh well. Its all in the fun! There is something about the crazy crowds that just so appealing about Bloomsday. I also love the little fair the day before when we get our race packets and pa-rouse the trade show booths. This year I hope that they have the awesome scales where you can check your body fat. Maybe I will register in the "athletic" range. One can only hope! They didn't have that booth last year because of the economic downturn, but I hope its back!

Here are some photos of some previous Bloomsdays...

Bethany and I in 2008.

Matty and I after our race in 2009, wearing our new t-shirts!
This will be the fourth year running it! I looked for a photo from 2007 but it is nowhere to be found.


  1. Now you'll have to put up a pix of this year w/ your new shirt!