Tuesday, April 20, 2010

How my scrapbooking has changed

I got an idea from the "Ideas for Scrapbookers" blog. I took some photos of my REALLY old pages and it just shows a little how my style (and stash!) has changed.The first pages I made when I first started a scrapbook in 8th grade. An aunt gave me scrapbook products as a gift, and I also had my mom's punches and decorative scissors to work with. I made the whole scrapbook in less than a day, which was just the beginning of my "fast" scrapbooking.
Notice how there isn't any title and no captions, just lots of photos. The first page is the very beginning of my scrapbook and it doesn't even have my name on it! Oh well, I was 13 years old.

The next page is from 2006. I started scrapbooking a little right after we got married. All I had to work with were my engagement photos, and I didn't have very much time either. I only made a few pages. This page is really my first real scrapbook page ever! I used some stickers from the dollar store and Walmart. I really did love that mulberrry paper and loved the "tearing" look.The next two pages I made in 2007. I graduated from college and started to scrapbook EVERYTHING. I mostly just cut up my photos and added stickers from Jolee's that I got at Joann's. On the second page I really tried to be creative! I just loved that silver pen, used it for everything.

In 2008 I really started to try new techniques such as inking and stamping. I also discovered thickers! I started cutting up my papers more instead of using 12x12 pattern paper all in one piece. I did lots of stitching on my 2008 pages.
In 2009 I got a little lazy. I just had so many supplies, including a slice and cuttlebug. I had so much paper and embellishments as well! I had tons of fun scrapbooking, but got slightly lazy about using new techniques. Sad. :( This next page is one of my favorites from 2009. I discovered October Afternoon papers last year! I used them on this page for the first time! This year I have been doing less cutting of pictures and placing them very close together, usually in a grid-like pattern. I take so many photos and just cant stand to not use them all. In order to fit more photos on a page, I tend to squish them in pretty tightly! I think my style has gotten a lot of more simple in the last year, but I would still like to take more time to do more details.

Here is the website where I got this idea: ideasforscrapbookers.blogspot.com


  1. That's really neat! I like your super old page from when you where a kid! :)

  2. I was always jealous of the pages you did when you were 13 because they were so much better than what I could do...I remember trying really hard, but I was like...8? So yeah...that didn't go over too well...

  3. What a great post! It is neat to see your style changes. Mostly, you love to display your great photos, and have fun creatively doing it. such fun!!!!

  4. Wow! Great post. I think your style has changed quite a bit. You have some great pages. Thanks for sharing ~~~~Nancy-Contributing Artist Ideas for Scrapbookers