Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Biker chick

Yep, that's me! I am a bike rider now. And even a bit of a bike commuter too, as I rode to and from work today. Yesterday I got quite discouraged because I tried to run and wasn't successful. My plan was to walk one mile, run one mile and walk one mile. But 1/2 way through the running mile my knee started throbbing, so I was back to walking! I am a little sick of gym work outs, so biking works great! It gets me outside, going fast but not in pain. Yay!

Matty was so sweet, he rode to work with me today and took my picture outside my work. Love that guy!

So my life is still not very interesting. Just trying to work out as much as possible, but sometimes taking time off to be lazy. :)


  1. I travel everywhere by bike too...or I walk! Of course it helps that I don't have a car and that my whole city is basically flat.

  2. Go Jenn! I'm so proud of you! Thats really awesome that you're biking to work now!

  3. So glad you found another way to get your excersize without compromising your knee! So smart. So happy. mom