Monday, April 5, 2010

Ice Whirlpool

I just thought I would post a photo of me being hard core! 25 minutes in an ice whirlpool (aka garbage can with fishtank pump) is very difficult! Just part of my wonderful physical therapy routine. I really want to be able to run Bloomsday.

The coat keeps me from freezing and Matt also makes me hot tea. Tonight I stood in the bucket while I watched "Castle." Funny show!


  1. nice nike shorts! I always wanted some but I was never cool enough I guess...

    and pro on the ice bath! You are lucky you have your own person trainer living in the same house as you...are you doing physical therapy as well or just listening to your husband?

  2. you go girl!!! You are blessed to have a tea totalling trainer in house!! Enjoy the ice bath. :) Ask him if you really should do bloomsday??? Walk? Run? WATCH!