Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fun Weekend!

I am hanging out with Renae at the moment...we are watching friends and I did some scrapbooking. Overall today has been pretty chill; not too much going on around here.

But this weekend has been crazy! Of course there was Christmas eve with the Ussery's, which turned out to be a lot of fun. We spent the night there on Thursday night and then rushed home to make a quick fruit salad for Annie's lunch/dinner. A lot of people were over, which was a lot of fun. That night I ran stairs with Peter and then we hung out at Pete & Hannah's for the evening. Hannah's brother John is in town and Renae & Joe showed up as well. We had a slight fiasco with a pizza collapsing at the bottom of the oven!

Saturday was fun, we went to snoqualmie falls, then to Hans' for TONS of food and stayed there talking for hours. It has been a very social weekend and its nice right now to just sit here and poke around on the internet while Renae finishes her last scrapbook page. I can't believe this long weekend is already over and I have to go to work tomorrow, AHHH!!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve

Technically today is Christmas Eve Eve, which means that today was my last day of work and I have FOUR DAYS OFF! Tonight I finished making some gift tags and tonight when Matt gets home I will wrap the remainder of my gifts. I made gift tags with some Christmas paper from Heather and I cut out shapes with my slice and embossed the "to/from." I added stickles of course; a project of mine would not be complete without glitter. Here is a photo (although not the best):
My kitty Leo was very involved in the process. His head was probably about one inch from mine while I embossed. He is a very crafty cat.

I am so excited for the weekend! We have friends coming into town as well as family get-togethers, honey-baked ham on Friday, snowboarding Saturday and hopefully lots of relaxation and fun. :)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Blues

Almost every week I get what I consider the Sunday Evening Blues. Basically it is dread of another weekend being over and another week of work beginning the next day. There is absolutely nothing to look forward to on Sunday nights, so I usually do pretty much nothing. Today I did a few things, none of them memorable, although some of them mentionable:

1) I finished my lousy 2-pager. It isn't as lousy anymore, I used some cool two sided ribbon that i twisted around and I also used some awesome chipboard swirlies from Renae.
2) Matt & I found a new Asian Market, complete with a Pho place & frozen yogurt place inside.
3) I reorganized my scrapbook room (yes, again.) Renae, I may be more like my mom than I once thought!
4) I have drank two cups of Winter Blend coffee from TJ's.
5) I watched a cute video online about how to make some cute gift tags:

And I have a few photos from a more memorable yesterday:

Tiffany & Ryan in Seattle for Dim Sum:
Christmas Day party at Aunt Marie's (it was a little early!)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Feeling good

Despite the fact that my lap top is now somewhat broken, I am feeling good today. I lost .4 more pounds this week even though my weekend was full of treats and delicious foods. I have been exercising nearly every day and I feel pretty energetic and alive, even though at work I sometimes feel exhausted.

I haven't been scrapbooking much because I started a two page layout and felt so uninspired by it that I haven't sat down at the table since! This morning I have some time before work, so I might try to sit down make a page. Most likely I wont return to that attempt of a two-pager because it lacks excitement.

Yesterday my cats knocked over my flowers which spilled water all over my new Christmas stack of paper from Heather. Its not totally ruined, but the pages are warped so I'm kind of annoyed.

Last night we got to hang out with J & E which was fun because we haven't seen them in awhile. We ate dinner at Stanfords, then went out Christmas-light-looking, and finally back to our place to chat. They are off for two weeks to the E. side, so Matty & I may be a little bored for awhile. I guess we will be having friends come next week though; can't wait for that!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Crazy birthday

I took pictures every hour on my birthday, so I can document the day. At some point, I will make a scrapbook page with all those pictures, probably I will have to shrink them tiny to fit on a page! One of my favorite things to do is document lots of unimportant things that surround an "important" event. So here was my day (told Joy style.)

8:00 Jenn wakes up after pushing the snooze button for over an hour. She wakes up to find Matty awake already and "dinking" on the computer.
8:15 She drinks some Christmas blend with 1% milk and pumpkin pie SF syrup.
9:30 She rushes out of the house, late for the meeting and eating a kashi bar for breakfast on the way out the door.
10:30 Coffee break! Chats it up with cool people
11:00 Awesome prophesying meeting.
12:30 Jenn & Matt meet Pete & Hannah at the mall and she gets to spend some birthday money on clothes! But first, of course they stop for snacks...yummy frozen yogurt (only 70 calories!) with blueberries and a 1% coffee misto with 1 pump of pumpkin spice and 1 pump of SF vanilla
1:oo The hero of the hour tries on some size six jeans and THEY FIT!!!
2:00 Jenn & Hannah watch a movie, PS I Love You, which is a very sad movie but also very good and Gerard Butler is mega HOT!
4:30 Party time! Heather & Phil & Peter join in for the fun.
5:30 Poker time! Jenn wins!
6:00 Present time! Jenn wins again!
7:00 Yummy dinner cooked by Matt: salmon, pesto pasta & broccoli!
8:30 People leave and Jenn gets to look at her presents...She got some scrappy stuff including a tiny attacher by Tim Holtz and Christmas paper from Heather. Matt got her an underarmour shirt for running and some PEARL EARRINGS! Those match the necklace she got 3 years ago on her 21st birthday.
9:30 Matt wakes up after falling asleep and does a little sleep walking while Jenn laughs at him and tries to get him to go to bed.

What a happy birthday it was. :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Tomorrow is my birthday and today I am enjoying the sunlight because I am pretty sure tomorrow it will rain (because something bad HAS to happen on my birthday.) I have a few random things to say:

1) I got Mom's card in the mail today, its very cute! I love the sparkle.
2) Green lake is officially iced over! It looked really strange when I passed it on my way home from work and I was quite tripped out to see it all frozen like that.
3) I ran around lake Union today and all the other people running around the loop were guys. Therefore today I will consider myself hard core.
4) I am wearing my coat in the house.
5) I can't wait to eat Persian food tonight at the work Christmas party. That's why I ran so long, so I can eat more calories tonight!!!
6) I lost one more pound this last week. Only three more to lose! (in December)
7) Tomorrow I will try to take a photo an hour to document my day.
8) I have a few photos from last weekend that I want to share:
9) I have a couple more from Thanksgiving week that I think are fun. Both were taken at J & E's with a whole bunch of us hanging out. The lower photo is us girls all playing poker while someone tried to beat a level in Mario, playing it over and over.
10) Sorry this is such a long post. I worked this morning and then ran 8 miles so I am just relaxing at the computer.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I am avoiding thinking about going to work for another half an hour. I show up for the afternoon today, so that means this morning I am off. Usually my mornings before work are spent in somewhat bitter anticipation of the coming work day.

My sister's blog is very funny today. I want to write an entry like that, but unforunately my life isn't interesting enough. You should check out her blog:

After eating almost nothing for a week and writing down the almost nothing into a little tiny book, I have successfully lost one pound as of this morning at the gym. (This is a total of 1.4 for the month) I only have until the 31st to lose 3.6 lbs. So in addition to eating almost nothing this next week, I will be exercising every day for seven days. Bring it on, adipose tissue, I WILL WIN!

I have been so silly this morning, checking facebook, reading my family & friends blogs, reading random scrapbookers blogs, writing in my own blog, etc. etc. My excuse is that this lap top is keeping my lap very warm so I don't want to get up. Its time to get off my chair and start my day. I am wearing underarmour to work today again because it is still SO COLD!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So Cold

Today was so cold here in Seattle that I shivered all day. Although its in the 20's, it really sinks into your bones here more than I remember happening in Spokane. Maybe its because its also sorta humid. I am not sure, I just know that I am COLD. Right now I have spandex on under my jeans and I am wearing a hoodie as well as a down coat. My heater doesn't work in the living room!
Well I have a busy evening ahead of me...I just thought I would put up a scrapbook page that I made recently about Hannah & I making pie. I should have some pictures from this last weekend soon.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Crazy in Spokane

I am having a happy weekend so far. Matt I drove over here right after work on Friday and we made it here in time for dinner! Joe made some Pad Thai and I had a couple of awesome macaroons made by Tom. They all sang me happy birthday (because my birthday is next week) and I got a match stuck in a macaroon for a birthday cake. Renae knew I wouldn't want a cake or a pie because I would eat it all and ruin my diet. :) So then we played apples & oranges and I was TERRIBLE as I usually am at that game. I really wished we had played poker but it was a lot of fun.

This morning Rachel met me here and we went on a really nice run over at Bowl & Pitcher. Renae's house is like 5 minutes away, I am SO JEALOUS!!! We ran for about 45 minutes, which definately felt like a work out since it is so cold here. Its like real winter! Anyway, I should go wake Renae up so we can start our fun day! I get to go visit Bethany's baby and hopefully see Lilian and my mom and maybe scrapbook a little. I am so excited! I love it here. :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A little clarification...

...from the last post. ;)

The weight loss plan started yesterday (November 30th) and I was perfectly content to eat whatever I wanted on the 29th! I ate horrible all day: pumpkin pancakes, chocolate covered coffee beans and of course the ice cream.

But now I am being good! The last two days I have not exercised because I am recovering so I have only had 1000-1200 cal each day. I have to lose 5 lbs by December 30th, otherwise I lose FIFTY DOLLARS! AHHH!