Saturday, December 12, 2009


Tomorrow is my birthday and today I am enjoying the sunlight because I am pretty sure tomorrow it will rain (because something bad HAS to happen on my birthday.) I have a few random things to say:

1) I got Mom's card in the mail today, its very cute! I love the sparkle.
2) Green lake is officially iced over! It looked really strange when I passed it on my way home from work and I was quite tripped out to see it all frozen like that.
3) I ran around lake Union today and all the other people running around the loop were guys. Therefore today I will consider myself hard core.
4) I am wearing my coat in the house.
5) I can't wait to eat Persian food tonight at the work Christmas party. That's why I ran so long, so I can eat more calories tonight!!!
6) I lost one more pound this last week. Only three more to lose! (in December)
7) Tomorrow I will try to take a photo an hour to document my day.
8) I have a few photos from last weekend that I want to share:
9) I have a couple more from Thanksgiving week that I think are fun. Both were taken at J & E's with a whole bunch of us hanging out. The lower photo is us girls all playing poker while someone tried to beat a level in Mario, playing it over and over.
10) Sorry this is such a long post. I worked this morning and then ran 8 miles so I am just relaxing at the computer.


  1. Very nice! I'm slacking too... I'm at work at the library, but I haven't done anything work related all day. I've updated my website and added an "about me" page, and now I'm reading a book. :)

  2. Sounds like you had a great time again. So many freinds! Is that TC singing happy birthday to you? I'm glad you got your sparkly card. With the cold you've had, You needed some snow as well! "CHILL OUT" while you update your blog! :) lum

  3. by the way...did you buy the size 6 pants that you tried on? Or was it only window shopping?