Thursday, December 10, 2009


I am avoiding thinking about going to work for another half an hour. I show up for the afternoon today, so that means this morning I am off. Usually my mornings before work are spent in somewhat bitter anticipation of the coming work day.

My sister's blog is very funny today. I want to write an entry like that, but unforunately my life isn't interesting enough. You should check out her blog:

After eating almost nothing for a week and writing down the almost nothing into a little tiny book, I have successfully lost one pound as of this morning at the gym. (This is a total of 1.4 for the month) I only have until the 31st to lose 3.6 lbs. So in addition to eating almost nothing this next week, I will be exercising every day for seven days. Bring it on, adipose tissue, I WILL WIN!

I have been so silly this morning, checking facebook, reading my family & friends blogs, reading random scrapbookers blogs, writing in my own blog, etc. etc. My excuse is that this lap top is keeping my lap very warm so I don't want to get up. Its time to get off my chair and start my day. I am wearing underarmour to work today again because it is still SO COLD!!!


  1. Wow! You linked my blog! I feel special now. And make sure you are eating enough food....getting adequate protein and all that. But if you really want to lose weight...stop working out so much. Then you will lose muscle mass which weighs more than fat. It is my personal opinion that you probably don't have that much fat mass left to lose. Or go to an aerobics class or something (they are ridiculous looking I know, but the one I went to REALLY gave me aches and pains in places I didn't even know I had muscles) because I think that they pretty much burn calories as opposed to building muscles.

    On second thought...Completely disregard everything I said since I am your unhealthy, unfit little sister and no one should be taking advice from me on anything having to do with fitness or health.

  2. Joy, I am laughing so hard!!! Jenn, you are sooooo fine as you are. Take off all your clothes and eat drink lots of water 2 or 3 days before your last weigh in and you will prob. lose that 3.5 lbs in water. Much easier that not eating enough. That is what I did and it RUINED my metabolism! be careful. By the way I sit daily for an hour reading all my kids well as scrapbookers.... fun! lum

  3. There's the "lum" again from mom. I still have no idea what that means. Mom, if you're going to use acronyms, use common ones, or explain what it means. kthx.

    Btw Jenn, I'm very proud of you for exercising so much. I either dont have the time or make up other excuses not to work out. Nice work ethic sis. Keep it up.

    G2G ttyl kthxbai rotflol 1337 pwnd n00b

    Exclusive Blend FTW!