Monday, December 14, 2009

Crazy birthday

I took pictures every hour on my birthday, so I can document the day. At some point, I will make a scrapbook page with all those pictures, probably I will have to shrink them tiny to fit on a page! One of my favorite things to do is document lots of unimportant things that surround an "important" event. So here was my day (told Joy style.)

8:00 Jenn wakes up after pushing the snooze button for over an hour. She wakes up to find Matty awake already and "dinking" on the computer.
8:15 She drinks some Christmas blend with 1% milk and pumpkin pie SF syrup.
9:30 She rushes out of the house, late for the meeting and eating a kashi bar for breakfast on the way out the door.
10:30 Coffee break! Chats it up with cool people
11:00 Awesome prophesying meeting.
12:30 Jenn & Matt meet Pete & Hannah at the mall and she gets to spend some birthday money on clothes! But first, of course they stop for snacks...yummy frozen yogurt (only 70 calories!) with blueberries and a 1% coffee misto with 1 pump of pumpkin spice and 1 pump of SF vanilla
1:oo The hero of the hour tries on some size six jeans and THEY FIT!!!
2:00 Jenn & Hannah watch a movie, PS I Love You, which is a very sad movie but also very good and Gerard Butler is mega HOT!
4:30 Party time! Heather & Phil & Peter join in for the fun.
5:30 Poker time! Jenn wins!
6:00 Present time! Jenn wins again!
7:00 Yummy dinner cooked by Matt: salmon, pesto pasta & broccoli!
8:30 People leave and Jenn gets to look at her presents...She got some scrappy stuff including a tiny attacher by Tim Holtz and Christmas paper from Heather. Matt got her an underarmour shirt for running and some PEARL EARRINGS! Those match the necklace she got 3 years ago on her 21st birthday.
9:30 Matt wakes up after falling asleep and does a little sleep walking while Jenn laughs at him and tries to get him to go to bed.

What a happy birthday it was. :)


  1. Size 6?!?!?!? Wow....I am thoroughly impressed. I wish I could fit in a size six...but I don't think that is going to happen ever again.

    Exciting times! It was a very interesting time and I am glad you had lots of fun on your birthday!

  2. James thinks that his big sister's birthday sounded very cool. However, he disagrees with salmon being delicious. In fact, that is about the last thing James would ever want to eat, especially on his birthday. He liked the format :)

  3. What a wonderful day. I am so glad Jenn won so often! Jenn could get wallet sized photos to scrapbook if she wants?! I was born a bigger size than a 6! :) luverymuch,m

  4. I'm glad you had a happy birthday Jenn! and you get to "win" again when I come over on Dec 24th because I'm bringing the other 1/2 of your present... :)