Thursday, December 17, 2009

Feeling good

Despite the fact that my lap top is now somewhat broken, I am feeling good today. I lost .4 more pounds this week even though my weekend was full of treats and delicious foods. I have been exercising nearly every day and I feel pretty energetic and alive, even though at work I sometimes feel exhausted.

I haven't been scrapbooking much because I started a two page layout and felt so uninspired by it that I haven't sat down at the table since! This morning I have some time before work, so I might try to sit down make a page. Most likely I wont return to that attempt of a two-pager because it lacks excitement.

Yesterday my cats knocked over my flowers which spilled water all over my new Christmas stack of paper from Heather. Its not totally ruined, but the pages are warped so I'm kind of annoyed.

Last night we got to hang out with J & E which was fun because we haven't seen them in awhile. We ate dinner at Stanfords, then went out Christmas-light-looking, and finally back to our place to chat. They are off for two weeks to the E. side, so Matty & I may be a little bored for awhile. I guess we will be having friends come next week though; can't wait for that!!!


  1. Sorry about your paper. Those crazy cats!:) I made a paper bag scrapbook yesterday and it was so fun!!! Sorry the 2 pager was difficult for you, maybe another time? If not, the singles that you do are awsome. Have a great week, lum

  2. Leroy stole Titus' bone for a little while, but Titus stole it right back. :) We dressed Leroy in my teddy bear's old vest. He looked really cute.

  3. I thought your computer broke years ago?? You and Matt ought to check out holiday sales and treat your self to EACH get a cute computer. Matts in black of course. You could get tourquoise or something :)

  4. Yeah, Matt's computer is finally still works but it overheats so we have to have a fan going on it all the time. ALso the back is coming apart so it doesn't easily hold itself open. We have it propped up on the coffee table with a candle holding it up and the fan blowing on it...what a sight!

  5. wow, thats intense. hope you have your stuff saved on it. I'll help you finish your 2 pager next week, if you don't have it done by then :)