Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend photos...amazing hike

My weekend was pretty routine, at least for this year.
We aren't really traveling a lot, but instead hanging out in beautiful Seattle.
This is fine with me! I am loving the more relaxed feel of this summer.

Friday! Fun day in the sun. Actually I just got a lot of things done...mirror fixed on my car...gym work out...ordered checks at the bank. I went to Chris & Terry's for the home meeting. Hannah and I sat outside on their amazing covered porch! I don't have any epic photos of Friday. I have a photo of the shirt I wore, which for some reason got a lot of comments...I guess the Huskies don't really like the Cornhuskers! My mom is from Nebraska and I am from Spokane so I don't really care one way or the other. And here is the snack that I find myself digging into over and over...Its the Starbucks hummus plate and the Mocha frappuccino light. I can't get enough. But speaking of this, I am actually trying to avoid Starbucks for 7 days straight. We will see how that goes!

And now for some actual weekend photos. Starting with the amazing hike with Hannah...
We had so much fun. We hiked to Lake Serene and also did a little side hike up to Bridal Veil falls. It was fun to hike without boys. :) Hopefully we can hike again soon.

Okay this post is getting long! Here are just two more photos.

Crazy peanut at Five Guys. My favorite Burger place! You can eat peanuts while you wait for your burger. As if you need the extra fat...ha!And my favorite sign at Trader Joe's! I just love the cute Beaver! Of course you can also see my overflowing shopping cart as well. I love this store too much.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weekend photos 7/16-18

This is a little late since its Thursday!

We rented a paddle boat on Green lake.

I thought this was a funny picture...

And of course I have photos from Seafair triathlon...

Here is a blurry action shot of Matt. I do hate my camera right now!
Matty at the finish. I am so proud of him for doing so well!

I have one more photo. Its the yummy blueberry cobbler I made for dessert on Sunday. We had Peter and Hannah over after the race since they had come to watch. I threw together a yummy cobbler and Pete got some ice cream. It was one of the best desserts ever!
So I guess in a few days I will have more photos of the upcoming weekend since its only 1.5 days away! Can't wait!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Random things to say + Memories of Grandma

Some random things...

1) Today I was totally beat from our 24 hour trip to Spokane. I felt like I hadn't drank coffee even though I had.
2) Leo and I have been playing together a lot recently. I realize he whines because he's bored.
3) I have been SO inspired by creative people and other people's scrapbook pages lately but haven't been scrapbooking myself very much.
4) I am glad summer is here! A little sunlight is always nice. :)
5) I really had fun running with my brother and sis in Spokane on Thursday.
6) I miss Joy but she will be returning soon, if only for a little while.

7) I recently lost my grandma but I have so many great favorites being...

-She ate pie with her hands last Thanksgiving (very unusual for a Southern Belle)
-She made me my own cookbook (I have to find that!)
-She sewed clothes for my doll
-She collected stamps for me for YEARS.
-She would make her pie crusts into little cinnamon "cookies" which were AMAZING.

And there are so many more things. I am lucky that although I have lost her, I was a blessed girl to have so many great memories with such a great Grandma.

Here is a picture on one of the last days that I saw her...(I may have posted this before.)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Some weekend photos 7/9-11

Friday night: It was really hot and we didn't have much to do. Peter & Hannah were nice enough to bring me some dinner and we relaxed on the roof. We weren't in the best of moods but cheered up with some Star Trek. I got a photo my cats play fighting!

On Saturday morning Hannah and I went to my gym for a weights work out. I could bring a friend free for a day! We worked hard and definitely burned some calories! We stopped by Starbucks and I tried a new thing...protein in my frappuccino...Matty & I watched the milk carton derby at Greenlake...We went to Edmonds Beach with J & E...
Sunday I didn't snap any epic photos...actually I slept most of the afternoon! I did take a photo at the fish store for my picture of the day. We want to revamp our fish tank soon, we haven't had a fish since Leo killed ours.
Have a great week!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weekend photos

Friday and Saturday we spent time with friends from Spokane. I made some Italian food a la Trader Joes on Saturday night.
We enjoyed some Cupcake Royale cupcakes courtesy of Matt! He served us tons of ice cream to go with them!
Here is a picture of Matt and I on July 4th. I took a photo in the mirror to show my festive outfit: red tank top, white shirt and blue jeans. I also put ribbons in my hair.

Here is a photo I took of the fireworks which we watched from a roof top in Ballard. I took many photos and all were pretty blurry, but this one turned out okay. Firework photos are really hard to take with a point and shoot!

Heather and I trying to stay warm:
I am so glad that the sun is finally out. I just love summer!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

From the roof!

I am writing this from the roof, which makes me really happy. Its actually nice out today! I had a three day weekend, and so of course it was gloomy, rainy and COLD all weekend. But today we had blue skies and sunshine!

I am on the roof in a hammock. I just exercised and ate a huge bowl of kashi cereal for dinner. This is my idea of a perfect evening. I just wish Matt was home tonight so we could hang out together!

Sometime in the future I will post some photos of my weekend. We had friends in town, watched the fireworks and did a practice triathlon (I paddleboated while Matt swam of course.) Hope everyone's day is equally sunny