Tuesday, July 6, 2010

From the roof!

I am writing this from the roof, which makes me really happy. Its actually nice out today! I had a three day weekend, and so of course it was gloomy, rainy and COLD all weekend. But today we had blue skies and sunshine!

I am on the roof in a hammock. I just exercised and ate a huge bowl of kashi cereal for dinner. This is my idea of a perfect evening. I just wish Matt was home tonight so we could hang out together!

Sometime in the future I will post some photos of my weekend. We had friends in town, watched the fireworks and did a practice triathlon (I paddleboated while Matt swam of course.) Hope everyone's day is equally sunny


  1. We also had sun today with the expectation of several hot sunny days ahead. I love it too! We hope to move this saturday...still hoping to close tomorrow. lubm

  2. Its been sunny here too! Joe and I were out doing yardwork in the heat this morning!