Monday, July 26, 2010

Weekend photos...amazing hike

My weekend was pretty routine, at least for this year.
We aren't really traveling a lot, but instead hanging out in beautiful Seattle.
This is fine with me! I am loving the more relaxed feel of this summer.

Friday! Fun day in the sun. Actually I just got a lot of things done...mirror fixed on my car...gym work out...ordered checks at the bank. I went to Chris & Terry's for the home meeting. Hannah and I sat outside on their amazing covered porch! I don't have any epic photos of Friday. I have a photo of the shirt I wore, which for some reason got a lot of comments...I guess the Huskies don't really like the Cornhuskers! My mom is from Nebraska and I am from Spokane so I don't really care one way or the other. And here is the snack that I find myself digging into over and over...Its the Starbucks hummus plate and the Mocha frappuccino light. I can't get enough. But speaking of this, I am actually trying to avoid Starbucks for 7 days straight. We will see how that goes!

And now for some actual weekend photos. Starting with the amazing hike with Hannah...
We had so much fun. We hiked to Lake Serene and also did a little side hike up to Bridal Veil falls. It was fun to hike without boys. :) Hopefully we can hike again soon.

Okay this post is getting long! Here are just two more photos.

Crazy peanut at Five Guys. My favorite Burger place! You can eat peanuts while you wait for your burger. As if you need the extra fat...ha!And my favorite sign at Trader Joe's! I just love the cute Beaver! Of course you can also see my overflowing shopping cart as well. I love this store too much.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Your photos of this hike are the best! I LOVE your t shirt, the cornhuskers are the best! How much does this meal cost at starbucks??? You know there is one a few steps away from my new home. I think I will have to budget in a meal or two there?? I am glad you stayed home this weekend. The saints need you. LUBM