Friday, July 16, 2010

Random things to say + Memories of Grandma

Some random things...

1) Today I was totally beat from our 24 hour trip to Spokane. I felt like I hadn't drank coffee even though I had.
2) Leo and I have been playing together a lot recently. I realize he whines because he's bored.
3) I have been SO inspired by creative people and other people's scrapbook pages lately but haven't been scrapbooking myself very much.
4) I am glad summer is here! A little sunlight is always nice. :)
5) I really had fun running with my brother and sis in Spokane on Thursday.
6) I miss Joy but she will be returning soon, if only for a little while.

7) I recently lost my grandma but I have so many great favorites being...

-She ate pie with her hands last Thanksgiving (very unusual for a Southern Belle)
-She made me my own cookbook (I have to find that!)
-She sewed clothes for my doll
-She collected stamps for me for YEARS.
-She would make her pie crusts into little cinnamon "cookies" which were AMAZING.

And there are so many more things. I am lucky that although I have lost her, I was a blessed girl to have so many great memories with such a great Grandma.

Here is a picture on one of the last days that I saw her...(I may have posted this before.)

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  1. An awesome blog post. Grandma was so dear. I was so glad you and Matt made the trip to come to honor her. She was so dear. A great gandmother. I love your memories. lubm