Friday, October 30, 2009

Weekly update

This week has been fun because I got Friday off! I drove to Spokane late Thursday night and have spent the whole day running around.
7:30 I brought a latte to Anne-Marie and we chatted a bit while she got ready for school. She is going on a cool overnight rafting/camping experience this weekend. Unfortunately she broke her toe.

8:30 I went the the gym. This used to be 24 hour fitness so I used to have a membership there, so of course have paid them hundreds upon hundreds of dollars in the past. But now the gym is called Oz, so I can't get in with my 24 card. And I had to pay $15! I only had 40 minutes to work out so I convinced the woman at the counter to give me a pass to go in the evening as well. I did 30 minutes of interval training on the treadmill, which just about killed me. Then I did a few weights, but not a lot.

9:30 Zipped over to Lilian's house where I spent time with her, Jesse and her adorable baby Nathan. I made two scrapbooking pages while I was with her, both of her baby and with her scrapbook stuff. We chatted a bunch and watched "So you think you can dance."

12:30 I rushed to Renae's house and got to view it for the first time. Of course I was very nosy and opened every drawer and closet and stepped into each and every room.

1:30 Renae and I went to my parent's house because we had to pick up some Michael's coupons, and then of course my mom came along on our shopping trip. Renae got alot of really cool things at Michael's including some clear stamp sets which were 40% off. Matt recently bought me a ton of glitter (and yes, I mean a TON) so I only spent $3!!!

2:45 We dropped Renae off at her fabulous house, and mom got to ooh and ahh.

3:30 Lunch/Dinner at Moon's Mongolian Grill. This is one of my favorite restaurants in Spokane. I try to load up on the veggies and hardly use any noodles or oil. I think I have been pretty healthy today.

4:30 (sorry this is getting so long, I know that no one is actually reading this far...) Dad and I headed to the bank to close my account which has been inactive for two years. Little did I know, but when your account is inactive for too long they start taking $5 away every month. So my savings account only had $30!

5:00 Home at last where I got a few minutes to scrapbook in my mom's room. I only brought a few things from home, so I got to use lots of my mom's stuff, including her sewing machine! So fun!

7:30 Back to the gym for an hour of weights! I followed my trainer's plan and got a pretty good work out. I needed to get my $15 worth!!!

Now I am home and have been for a couple of hours. I just have been chilling with mom, being very relaxed. But I do miss Matt, which is probably why this post is so long. I wanted to give a summary of my week but I guess that didn't happen. THe only important thing to note is that I RAN 12 MILES on Wednesday. Thats all for now! (Finally!)

Friday, October 23, 2009

My not so interesting week

I am pretty much not writing much because I haven't figured out anything interesting to say. I like to read interesting people's blogs, but somehow I don't think I have enough going on in my life to write about on a blog.

A few notes from the week:
I ran 11 miles on Wednesday.
I love Indian food, especially the free appetizers and desserts that sometimes come with dinner!
I really love it when it rains hard.
The darkness coming so early is really driving me crazy.
I have a new found love for recycling.
I really do hate skin on my chicken.
It's been two weeks since I grocery shopped and I am having a blast trying to be creative with my meals.
I HATE paying bills.

Okay, that is all for today!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday in Seattle

This morning Matt and I headed all the way to Bellevue for the meeting! To be very upfront and honest, we both absolutely HATE Bellevue. The parking situation is always a bit sticky at the hall, but we mostly just really don't like the city of Bellevue. We were surprised when we really enjoyed the meeting there! I had to apologize to the Lord for having such a bad attitude!

It was so wonderful to see Melissa and Graham and their new baby! We went to the cheesecake factory for lunch and sat around a large circular table. The service was very slow but luckily we enjoyed each others company so it wasn't too painful. Evelyn is just the cutest little two year old! Her birthday is tomorrow so she got a tiny little sundae and the waitresses sang to her. I got to hold the baby while he was sleeping! That was really fun. Even though I don't want a baby for a really long time, I really enjoy holding other people's babies.

I will just give a quick update of my working out. This week I started lifting with a trainer on Wednesday. I have been eating really well and doing as much running as possible. It may be finally paying off because on Saturday I weighed myself and I lost three pounds! Granted, this is just extra weight I have put on in recent months, but it still feels good to see a downward trend on the scale.