Monday, February 28, 2011

Tea party!

I got together with my favorite Seattle girls for an awesome tea party! We have decided as a group that we need to get together on a regular basis...tri-weekly. That is, every three weeks or so. Our little tea party on Sunday was the first get together.

It was slightly awkward at first when we were trying to be proper and be in character with people who would have such a party. But the conversation returned to "normal" and we had so much fun!

Had we done something different, I'd have some sandwiches or something salty and have a little fewer sweets! There were lots of leftovers, even when the boys came home and dug into the goodies. So here are some quick photos.
Taking photos of the treats was the best part! I captured these cute strawberries, probably the healthiest food on the menu.

I love this cake! The fact that it is falling apart just makes it more charming!

Here we are all dressed up, some more than others! I love the blackboard the A painted and E's chandelier made it ever so much more pretty!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Spontaneous Post

Right now I am at work, of all places to be writing from! I had a short term cancellation today and I have absolutely nothing to do. I am off the clock, of course, as writing on this blog has nothing to do with Dental Hygiene.

Today I am looking forward to my 12 mile run in the sun. Right now its FREEZING, so i am a little nervous to run. But it will be so nice to get out and stretch my legs for a couple of hours. At least the sun is shining!

Here is my TO DO list:
1) Run 12 miles.
2) PAY OFF MY CAR (excited about this one!)
3) Buy some cute cakes from Whole Foods for the tea party. (I am too lazy to make anything)
4) Ask Annie if we can use her silver tea set. (Maybe I will text her...she texts now!)
5) Make something decorative for tea party? (We will see if this happens!)
6) Clean my scrapbook room. I need to find a permanent place for my typewriter so that it doesn't sit on the living room floor.
7) Figure out what to teach for Children's meeting. They are learning about the man that built his house on a rock and the man that built on the sand. Maybe come up with a visual aide?

This should be a full weekend! I should be back with photos of the tea party on Sunday.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Last week + New typewriter!

Here are pages that I made in my new Life book that I got last week. The page protectors are really fun!

I really love saving stuff like wrappers, reciepts and business cards. I also like writing on the little cards that come with the book. And I love that I don't have to take photos seven days a week!

And here is my new toy...vintage typewriter that I picked up at the Fremont Sunday Market yesterday! It is so much fun! Tonight I was typing away and it drove Matt CRAZY! It is pretty noisy. I will have to use it when he's gone. :)

One more quick photo...
This is our cousin and her adorable son! He is such a great with a camera. They are in town for the holiday weekend and we had a fun family dinner tonight over at my in-laws house. It was a great night! Annie made some DELICIOUS Ethiopian food and I got the recipes! Yay!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Okay, this is a week late.

But I did manage to take a few photos of valentines that I made this year.

I made these little valentines for people at work. I also made home made red envelopes for all of them! I just used my paper trimmer and stylus to score the red cardstock and make envelopes that match these little cards. I didn't take photos, but they ended up looking like those tiny manilla envelopes, only bright red!

I used a $1 stamp for these cards. I stamped the hearts twice, once in red and then popped it up and added some Stickles. Then I used red distress ink around the outside.

And here is one of the cards I made using Heather's cricut. I cut the whole card out with the cricut, including the scalloped edge. Then I made the front using some paper scraps and added white stitching lines. Underneath the card you can see a peek of another card I made (Hugs & Kisses cut from the cricut) as well as the envelopes that I decorates. I used an awesome "love" journaling stamp on the envelopes and then wrote people's names inside.
And that is all the photos I have! Unfortunately most of the valentines were all sealed up in envelopes when I took the photos!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Beautiful Friday!

Today I drove Hannah and Peter to the Clipper terminal so they could start their holiday weekend in Victoria. Today is so beautiful! I got to watch the sun come up! The sky was pink and created just beautiful light in downtown Seattle. I greatly appreciated living in Seattle today. Sometime soon I'm going to wake up early and spend the morning downtown at a cute cafe. (Still looking for the cute cafe!)

Right now it is bright and sunny and the sky is blue! There is something about sunlight...just can't beat it. I finished my toast and peanut butter and I am letting it settle for about 20 more minutes before I start my 11 mile jog! I mapped out the route already, and its a route that I really like. My goal is to take it slow and enjoy myself. That's my favorite thing about a long run, taking it easy!

This week I have been organizing my photos and thoughts because I received in the mail the Life book by Becky Higgins. (Matt bought it for me.) Since I don't take pictures every day, this year it will be more like a weekly documentation. I especially like all the little pockets where I can put memorabilia from my life. I LOVE SAVING STUFF. And now I have a place to put it. I ordered some photos, and when I get the book all put together, I will post some photos!

Have a great Friday and rest of the weekend. If you see the sun, get out and ENJOY it!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tons of Valentine photos as promised!!!

First...This is my valentine! I have no idea what this photo is about, but I love it! Matty wouldn't kiss me for the photo because I'm sick. But what is this face??? No idea, but he's cute. :)

At the Valentine's day dash...
My re-run toast and coffee! I had to be festive before the V-Day dash.
By the way, I ran the dash in less than 25 minutes! In fact, my mile time was 7:59, which I was very proud of, especially since I had a cold and wasn't warmed up. :)

And here are some photos of the V-Day party that Stephanie puts on every year. The decorations are always gorgeous and I always go crazy with the photographs.
And now some photos of actual Valentine's day! (I know this is getting long)

My breakfast! I did NOT eat the toast or the banana. I DID consume a LOT of coffee. :)

This is the little candy set up that I had the back room. The flowers are from Kayla. They are so pretty, I love them!
Matty got me a little treat...Red rose! He also bought me some low carb ice cream and sugar free chocolates! Of course these are not guilt free, but a well deserved treat after my LONG work out.

Thanks for reading all of this, if you got this far. I really love this holiday and I had a blast this year, especially since I got drag it out for three whole days!!!

(And mom, to answer your question about Spin Class...Its basically an hour long class where we are all on stationary bicycles and the teacher encourages us to sprint and go through intervals and "hills". We also do some weights. Its fun!!! And its great cross training because I can't run all day.)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We have had a full weekend and really fun day. I have lots of photos to share...Valentine's day dash, Stephanie's Valentine party on Sunday, Matt & I went out to breakfast this morning, I made valentines for people at work and Matty bought me a rose!!!

I have been so CRAZY busy that I haven't uploaded photos onto my computer. So pictures are coming! It was a good day.

10 mile run + spin class = I feel awesome.
I even ate carbs today. Makes me feel more awesome.
Matt treated me to low carb ice cream and Russel Stovers...definately don't feel awesome after that!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm having a rough day...

...I hate eating low carb. However, this is apparently the only way to lose weight. This book on kindle told me so...

After all, I have tried everything. I work out 1-2 hours 6 days per week. I keep a close track of my calories, at least on the week days. And NOTHING. So I am giving it a try. Have I mentioned that I hate it? Maybe its good for someone like Matt that just LOVES meat and nuts and fat. But that's not me, so this will be rough!

So I decided I need to be positive and write about the things that are making me happy right now.

1) I can run and run and run. So far no injuries!
2) I have dabbled in a little re-watching of Smallville. Just the first season. Nothing too scary yet. (Thank you Joy)
3) Matty bought me a bright purple kindle cover
4) October Afternoon paper always makes me happy. I love and WANT this paper. Renae showed it to me last weekend and I have been coveting it. What could be cuter than that little fox curled up in a sleeping bag?
5) My new gym continues to make me happy. The people are great and I love the classes and the treadmills and the foam rolls.6) Greek yogurt is amazing to someone on a lo carb diet! Matty says its not lo carb enough but I am not convinced! I have to eat something I like, right?7. My lululemon shopping bags. I have gotten so much use out of them and they are FREE! Well, free with purchase of a very expensive item of clothing.
So that's all for tonight. I feel better already, having done a Google image search of all my current favorite things. :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

The last two weekends...

We have had visitors in town and its been so much fun!

Last weekend...

We went for coffee and tarts at the french bakery...
M & R are newly engaged and they are so cute!
I had so much fun with these two. R and I went on an 8 mile run together on Saturday morning and we also had Korean food on Saturday night. It was a full weekend!

When my visitors left on Sunday I headed down to H's house and we all made valentines! We got to use her cricut expression and made some really awesome cards. I will try to post some of the cards I made as soon as I photograph them.
This last weekend was also full of visitors. R and J came in from Spokane and we got to see them Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Matt & J went to the taco truck to pick up some yummy food and R & I made a complete mess of the spare room! It was a very creative mess!

Yesterday we joined R & J joined our usual football watching crowd for a Superbowl Party! The food was a big hit, especially H's Ritz cracker peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches dipped in dark chocolate. Yum!

Matt loves to tease and taunt Bentley with food! B is such a cute little dog.

So that's it! My long post is nearly over! The last two weekends were very jam packed but I also managed to get really good work outs in on Saturdays. Both days I did long runs and then headed to the gym for boot camp. Although its Monday today and I am still sore, I am so glad that boot camp is back!!! :)