Monday, February 7, 2011

The last two weekends...

We have had visitors in town and its been so much fun!

Last weekend...

We went for coffee and tarts at the french bakery...
M & R are newly engaged and they are so cute!
I had so much fun with these two. R and I went on an 8 mile run together on Saturday morning and we also had Korean food on Saturday night. It was a full weekend!

When my visitors left on Sunday I headed down to H's house and we all made valentines! We got to use her cricut expression and made some really awesome cards. I will try to post some of the cards I made as soon as I photograph them.
This last weekend was also full of visitors. R and J came in from Spokane and we got to see them Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Matt & J went to the taco truck to pick up some yummy food and R & I made a complete mess of the spare room! It was a very creative mess!

Yesterday we joined R & J joined our usual football watching crowd for a Superbowl Party! The food was a big hit, especially H's Ritz cracker peanut butter and marshmallow sandwiches dipped in dark chocolate. Yum!

Matt loves to tease and taunt Bentley with food! B is such a cute little dog.

So that's it! My long post is nearly over! The last two weekends were very jam packed but I also managed to get really good work outs in on Saturdays. Both days I did long runs and then headed to the gym for boot camp. Although its Monday today and I am still sore, I am so glad that boot camp is back!!! :)


  1. What a lovely group of visitors! Great photos! I knew that camera would get dusted off. I look forward to seeing your valentines. Maybe I'll get one?:). lubm

  2. have no idea how jealous I am that you go to hang out with Rachel and Mark. >=(

    But I guess that is what you get for moving overseas...

    Your Superbowl Party sounds like lots of fun!

  3. I had fun scrapbooking w/ you and everything else of coarse