Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We have had a full weekend and really fun day. I have lots of photos to share...Valentine's day dash, Stephanie's Valentine party on Sunday, Matt & I went out to breakfast this morning, I made valentines for people at work and Matty bought me a rose!!!

I have been so CRAZY busy that I haven't uploaded photos onto my computer. So pictures are coming! It was a good day.

10 mile run + spin class = I feel awesome.
I even ate carbs today. Makes me feel more awesome.
Matt treated me to low carb ice cream and Russel Stovers...definately don't feel awesome after that!


  1. Sounds fun! You deserve some chocolates after a 10 mile run girl :) I'm going to s. book w/ your mom on Saturday, should be fun! We'll miss you though. Say hi to Leo for me!!

  2. What is spin class? I am looking forward to being with Renae and Amy on Sat. We will miss you. So glad you got a ROSE!!! and chocolots. a great day for you. lubm

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