Monday, February 28, 2011

Tea party!

I got together with my favorite Seattle girls for an awesome tea party! We have decided as a group that we need to get together on a regular basis...tri-weekly. That is, every three weeks or so. Our little tea party on Sunday was the first get together.

It was slightly awkward at first when we were trying to be proper and be in character with people who would have such a party. But the conversation returned to "normal" and we had so much fun!

Had we done something different, I'd have some sandwiches or something salty and have a little fewer sweets! There were lots of leftovers, even when the boys came home and dug into the goodies. So here are some quick photos.
Taking photos of the treats was the best part! I captured these cute strawberries, probably the healthiest food on the menu.

I love this cake! The fact that it is falling apart just makes it more charming!

Here we are all dressed up, some more than others! I love the blackboard the A painted and E's chandelier made it ever so much more pretty!


  1. It was fun Jenn! I'm excited for our tri-weekly get togethers.

  2. Looks like fun! That cake looks delish!

  3. Where did you hold your party? The chandelier and the blackboard are lovely. lubm