Sunday, February 20, 2011


Okay, this is a week late.

But I did manage to take a few photos of valentines that I made this year.

I made these little valentines for people at work. I also made home made red envelopes for all of them! I just used my paper trimmer and stylus to score the red cardstock and make envelopes that match these little cards. I didn't take photos, but they ended up looking like those tiny manilla envelopes, only bright red!

I used a $1 stamp for these cards. I stamped the hearts twice, once in red and then popped it up and added some Stickles. Then I used red distress ink around the outside.

And here is one of the cards I made using Heather's cricut. I cut the whole card out with the cricut, including the scalloped edge. Then I made the front using some paper scraps and added white stitching lines. Underneath the card you can see a peek of another card I made (Hugs & Kisses cut from the cricut) as well as the envelopes that I decorates. I used an awesome "love" journaling stamp on the envelopes and then wrote people's names inside.
And that is all the photos I have! Unfortunately most of the valentines were all sealed up in envelopes when I took the photos!


  1. beautiful valentines!!! I got the best! :) lubm

  2. That is a really cute birdcage!! Very clever card!