Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend photos

I thought I'd post a few photos of the weekend...

My husband swam at Seward Park...I saw a few ducks while I watched him swim...On Sunday we spent the day at Alki. Matt biked all the way there. Pete and Hannah and I walked five miles from the restaurant to the beach.We all ate dinner at the Icon Grill...we had a great time! Can you see those desserts on the table?We had a wonderful weekend. Only four more days until the next one...

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Okay its the middle of the night...

...and I SO have insomnia at the moment.

So here are some favorite photos from the weekend....

James and Josie and I playing Bananagrams:

Peter and Hannah at the WET picnic:
I can't help taking photos of latte art. Chris Rehn made this for me:
Hannah and I are showing off our pedicures. I gave Peter a hard time this weekend for "posing" in candid photo shots. Often I just take a candid photo and I will see Peter either making a funny face or acting in some way on purpose. So that's why he was posing in this photo as if he is kicking Matt. I like how it turned out. Fun Sunday evening photo featuring the four of us...kind of:

Monday, June 21, 2010

Please hurry up summer!

I am ready for good weather already!!!

It was the longest day of the year today and I felt like it was a little too dark. At least it didn't rain like yesterday.

This morning I stepped in dog poo at Green lake. I was glad that I am due for new shoes because I through them away and bought new ones at Jock & Jill. I am very glad to have the addiction 9 shoes...the sales guy seems to think that others have complained about the addiction 8s. Maybe that's why I got injured? Well tomorrow I get to wear my new shoes when I go running with Marcia at 7:30.

I am sick of counting calories. Yet I still want to lose weight. What to do? This is the question I will be endeavoring to answer. I feel very uninspired.

I am writing from my desk top computer which Lindsay gave me. Its fun to have more than one computer! That way Matt & I don't fight over it. :) But that also means that I don't have any pictures to share, because all my photos are on the other computer. I have photos of the church picnic, of which we got totally rained out. I have photos of my beautiful toes! Hannah & I got pedicures yesterday. And I have a photo of my kitty cats when they slept next to each other this morning. So maybe pictures will be coming soon....maybe!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Boating on the sound

As my good friends know, I have a lot of fears. One of them happens to be speed boats! I discovered this in San Francisco when my husband and I rode the rocket boat and I was absolutely terrified.

Today Heather, Phil, Matt and I took Heather's whaler out on the sound. I was expecting a relaxing boat ride but instead I was so scared! The boat is tiny and the waves were high and wind was blowing. We made it to Gig Harbor and by then I wasn't so scared. Phil kept reassuring me that the boat would not sink and could not sink, even if it was cut in half. (Of course, the Titanic could not sink as well!) But Heather was a good captain and we all made it in one piece. It was actually quite fun as I think of the experience in hindsight. We had coffee and dinner at the little tavern on the water. I think I drank three cups of coffee, just to warm up!

Here are just a couple photos...
I just love the last photo! We all got so cold and wet on the way back to Des Moines, especially Matt. He was the one responsible for flooding the boat as well, when he sat on the front at just the wrong time.

I hope to go out again and this time be less scared. I think I would have more fun in life if I could lighten up and quit being a wimp.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Its almost summer...

The sun has been peeking out the last couple of days, and I know that summer is right around the corner. I am looking forward to a few things this summer:

1) Eating that watermelon on our counter. Perfect summer fruit!
2) Seeing more sunshine! Lots more sunshine.
3) Running more and being outside and being active. I am in an energy slump, and I think great weather will be a huge help.
4) Enjoying the longer days...being outside after work. Maybe we will eat dinner on the roof.
5) Driving my car with the sunroof open.
6) Riding my bike to work more. (Hasn't happened since our long bike ride a few weeks ago, when I hurt my knee.)
7) We will be going on several little mini trips, mostly bike racing or wedding related. But mostly I am looking forward to the weekends that we will be at home, doing pretty much nothing.
8) We might be heading to Utah in August, which will be HOT! I can't wait!
9) I want to start running stairs again.
10) Hopefully lots of friends and fun. We will see about that, as we don't get visited very often here in Seattle.
11) Fourth of July fireworks. I just love those!
12) Getting a wee bit tan. Not looking forward to any lobsterizing, just a healthy glow.
13) Wearing shorts and summer clothing! Put away those jeans and sweaters!

Okay since 13 is my favorite number, I will leave it at that. I am looking forward to an awful lot this summer, hopefully we will have lots of fun. :)

Monday, June 7, 2010

I have a confession...

...I forgo-ed the gym tonight so that I could be lazy and scrapbook! I am in my gym clothes but I am sure NOT at the gym!

I made a couple of pages last night about my brother & sister in law. I made one about their tri-pod cat and another about Josie's birthday:

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Forget that crazy last post...

...I was so negative.

Here is a photo of my mug collection that is my picture for the day. I think my next theme will be "collections." I sure have so many! I have been a collector since day one. I've collected coins, shells, cats, turtles, rocks, etc. and now I collect mugs and other nice things! Hopefully I will photograph some of these fun things over the next few day, although I may take a tiny break from the theme when we go to Leavenworth tomorrow.

So here are a few of my mugs...
And I used my new favorite mug for coffee this morning. Its from anthropologie and Renae has the same one. :)
Have a happy Friday. And again, I am sorry for all the negativity lately. :)

Its another crazy week.

I had my appointment with my trainer this morning which was an excellent work out. But I was so exhausted! I do so much traveling on the weekends and then my weeks are full of work and working out and cleaning the house. Lately I have been overwhelmed with it all. I have tons of laundry to fold and my arms are so sore I can hardly hold them up. This is not very convenient!

I am so stressed out that I can't really do anything 100%. If I work out I am thinking about work. If I am at home I am wishing I was working out. If I do laundry, I am wanting to do pretty much anything else. At work I forget to eat, so I mess up my metabolism! It is a vicious circle!

Maybe I will win an imaginary lottery (since I don't gamble) and wont have to work ever again.

This weekend it starts over again because we are heading to Leavenworth for Matt's bike race. That should be fun but now I have to pack and plan. AHHH!