Monday, June 21, 2010

Please hurry up summer!

I am ready for good weather already!!!

It was the longest day of the year today and I felt like it was a little too dark. At least it didn't rain like yesterday.

This morning I stepped in dog poo at Green lake. I was glad that I am due for new shoes because I through them away and bought new ones at Jock & Jill. I am very glad to have the addiction 9 shoes...the sales guy seems to think that others have complained about the addiction 8s. Maybe that's why I got injured? Well tomorrow I get to wear my new shoes when I go running with Marcia at 7:30.

I am sick of counting calories. Yet I still want to lose weight. What to do? This is the question I will be endeavoring to answer. I feel very uninspired.

I am writing from my desk top computer which Lindsay gave me. Its fun to have more than one computer! That way Matt & I don't fight over it. :) But that also means that I don't have any pictures to share, because all my photos are on the other computer. I have photos of the church picnic, of which we got totally rained out. I have photos of my beautiful toes! Hannah & I got pedicures yesterday. And I have a photo of my kitty cats when they slept next to each other this morning. So maybe pictures will be coming soon....maybe!

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  1. Well, it rained here on the longest day of the year.... all day and it was super gray and gross :(