Sunday, June 13, 2010

Boating on the sound

As my good friends know, I have a lot of fears. One of them happens to be speed boats! I discovered this in San Francisco when my husband and I rode the rocket boat and I was absolutely terrified.

Today Heather, Phil, Matt and I took Heather's whaler out on the sound. I was expecting a relaxing boat ride but instead I was so scared! The boat is tiny and the waves were high and wind was blowing. We made it to Gig Harbor and by then I wasn't so scared. Phil kept reassuring me that the boat would not sink and could not sink, even if it was cut in half. (Of course, the Titanic could not sink as well!) But Heather was a good captain and we all made it in one piece. It was actually quite fun as I think of the experience in hindsight. We had coffee and dinner at the little tavern on the water. I think I drank three cups of coffee, just to warm up!

Here are just a couple photos...
I just love the last photo! We all got so cold and wet on the way back to Des Moines, especially Matt. He was the one responsible for flooding the boat as well, when he sat on the front at just the wrong time.

I hope to go out again and this time be less scared. I think I would have more fun in life if I could lighten up and quit being a wimp.


  1. it looks like fun!

  2. I am glad you had great memories. That will chase away those fears. :) lubm