Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5 more days

Not including the rest of today, I have FIVE MORE DAYS before my marathon!

This Sunday, June 3rd, I will be running the San Juan marathon.

It will be 26.2 miles of hills. There should be some beautiful scenery as well, which hopefully will distract me from those crazy hills!

I am so excited and so nervous.

I am super hopeful that my camera will be fixed by Friday so that I can take it on our trip.

Its taper week! I will probably only run one more time this week, just a quick 3 or 5 miler to get the jitters out.

I plan to eat healthy carbs all week! (As we speak there are veggies and sweet potatoes roasting in the oven.)

I also plan to drink water like a fiend so I wont be dehydrated. I am supposed to be going to bed early and getting lots of sleep, but we will see if that happens.

I will keep you posted. I can't wait. :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

No Camera!!

The latest update in my life is that my poor camera is BROKEN!! Yes, the love of my life, my D90, is now in the camera shop!! I guess the aperature control system is broken. I just about had a heart attack because they told me that I would not have it back for two weeks. I would have no photographic evidence of my marathon coming up, or Matt's half ironman in two weeks. So I called around and found a shop that would have it finished in five days. I called back the original place so that i could come pick up my camera, and of course, now they can also finish it in five days. So long story short, the camera will be HOME with me at the end of the week.

Sorry for the sad and boring story.

ANYWAY...I have a few photos from the weekend because I hijacked Renae's photos! :)

I have a new best friend...

I had the best time in Bellevue on Saturday with this cute little chica. :)

She was out like a light when her Dad got her back at the end of the afternoon. :)

Thanks J and E for letting me borrow your daughter for an afternoon. I had a blast.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Scrapbook pages to share

Little Garden Cafe

Stuff I used: Dear Lizzy Poloroid Paper. I love that one. I think I will end up cutting it all up and using every little slice.  Studio Calico May Kit: The hexagon stamp is from that kit as well as the grey hearts/wood grain. The background paper is My Mind's Eye Follow your heart. I used some older stuff as well, including the "3" from a favorite thicker's set and some older brads and scrap paper for the hexagons. This was a super easy page that came together easily. 

I love this little garden cafe in Spokane and I was so glad to hang out with my best friends and plan our Europe vacation. It was a really great day. :)

Real Juice

Stuff I used: Studio Calico April kit (I think?) which was the teal paper and bicycle paper. I also used my latest kit for a few quick embellishments, mainly the camera and the orange plastic paper clip. I also used my Sassafras stitching stamps (my favorite ever) and my super old jewel box thickers. The "Real" is the new Heidi Swapp letter stickers which I colored myself with Dried Marigold Distress ink. I also threw on some white paint and some washi tape and a few scraps punched with the Fiskars postage stamp punch. I LOVE that punch!

I really loved this day at Alki because we discovered this juice place that makes fresh juice from scratch. They blended up some apple, mint and ginger. It was slightly expensive but delicious and healthy! I sat the camera on the ground with the self timer so I could capture us sitting on those orange chairs. I just love finding the perfect place for a photograph. If you know me for two days, you will know this about me!

Project Life Catch up

I have three weeks to share! (click on any picture to make it larger)

April 29-May 5

Matt returned from his trip in North Carolina on Sunday. (I have yet to hijack photos from facebook and find a way to add Matt's four day trip to Project Life. I will possibly just make a scrapbook page about his trip. He's got lots of stories to tell!)

High lights include: Orange chairs and yummy juice at Alki. Orange space needle. Lots of instagram photos this week...needed their own insert.

 I really love adding 4x4 page protectors. One problem with my obsession with instagram is that the photos don't fit the PL page protectors very well. I have been slacking taking photos with my SLR.

All photos from the back of the insert are from Saturday in Spokane. I took LOTS of pictures that day.
 All photos on this last page are also from Saturday! It was a pretty busy weekend and lots of things I wanted to add. I especially love the little photo of Levi and Pippa. It was so fun propping them up and snapping away. :)

I also grabbed a photo on the roof of the parking garage of my city, Spokane. It was an awesome view!

May 6-12

 Sunday was Bloomsday! I added a photo of our drive back to Seattle as well as lunch with the girls on Saturday afternoon. The Bloomsday photos are very tiny in the little insert. I took way too many instagram shots this week (since then I have slowed down) and so I made them super tiny.
 A huge highlight this week was receiving two new stamps from Elise Blaha Cripe. I added the packaging because it was so cute with those stamps and washi tape. The "Today Is" stamp on the blue journaling card is hers. I just love it! I also got the "You're my Favorite" stamp. :)
 I used a few bits from my scrap basket to fill in some of those 2x2 holes in the page protector. I also added some October Afternoon stickers.
 The second part of my week highlights a few little bits from daily life: my basil plant, grilling vegetables, a hot tub baptism and some bubble tea before a movie. It was a wonderful summery week.

May 13-19
 No inserts this week! We are keeping it simple! Some highlights from the beginning of the week were Color run with Jen Law, Mother's Day and hanging out with Pippa. I also added a card from SC, its one of my favorite things to do. The back can be seen from the previous page, and I love how its smaller and you can see through to the page behind it.

The "think positive today" is from Pink Paislee. I love it. Thinking positive has been REALLY, really hard lately, and that little card can be a reminder to me whenever I look through this book.
 The second half of the week is ALL instagram shots. I tried to be creative with the page protector and I am not super convinced that I like the result. Overall this page looks a little messy!
Well that was three whole weeks all at once. Thanks for staying tuned for this huge long post. :)

Next week I hope to use my SLR again! Its getting dusty. ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Great weather!

I haven't been posting as much, mostly because I have been immensely enjoying the great outdoors! The weather recently has been brilliant! For the past several days there has been nothing but sunshine and warm weather. I seriously keep thinking I am on vacation in a different place than Seattle. Seriously!

Here's a quick life update via photos: 

My basil plant is actively dying, but I have gotten several caprese salads out of it! For 2.99 at Trader Joe's, that's not too bad. I guess this is just evidence of my brown thumb.

Lately, in addition to BBQ, I have been roasting lots of veggies in the oven. My favorite combination is sweet potatoes, onion, red pepper, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and thyme and rosemary.

I ran 22.5 miles on Saturday! I took a quick breather when the Fremont Bridge went up.

In the afternoon, we went out to lunch at an awesome Burger joint with Josh and Ellen. Later we relaxed on a hill near the beach in Madison Park. I got to eat one of the best donuts EVER and also hold baby Pippa who is getting cuter every day.

We saw the movie Avengers on Saturday night. It was actually quite good, except that I kept falling asleep during the beginning of the movie. We got there a little early so we grabbed some quick Bubble Tea at Jewel Box and enjoyed it outside. 

I just love Peter's strangeness in photos. :)

On Sunday a friend and I ran the Color Run in downtown Seattle. This 5k was PAINFUL after my super long run, but it was a blast to get all colored up with cornstarch dust. I would love to run this again next year!
Sunday night was decaf tea, kit kat bars and watching Sherlock. What a great night.

I guess before signing off I should mention the awesome Mothers in my life. Annie was celebrated on Sunday dinner with a barbecued salmon and asparagus cooked by Pete and Matt.

They are such nice guys. :)

I didn't get to see my own mother on Mother's Day but I texted her and thought of her a lot. Miss you mom! Almost becoming a mom has made me more appreciative of moms, I think. :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quick ME update

(Note: I couldn't really stand looking at my blog anymore, but since I am completely computer un-savvy, I had no choice but to try one of blogger's ready made templates. It may be boring and green, but its better than that old ugly skin! 

Id love for my blog to have a pretty background, maybe some hexagons or some chevron. Or maybe just a pretty picture that I took. But for now, its grass!)

Just a quick ME update:

I'm sick. Icky cough and sore throat that just shows up at evening time.
I am excited to run 23 miles on Saturday! The weather should be fabulous!
I am taking too many photos on Instagram every day. I am going to be un-followed if I'm not careful.
Matty surprised me today with a CLEAN HOUSE and a super yummy dinner. Yay!
Work has been CRAZY. I always wish for more hours and therefore more $$$, but when it actually happens, I get a little worn out. At least I will have a few extra dollars to pay for my ANNOYING medical bills.
Tickets to Europe have not yet been purchased, but SOON!!
I am considering starting to spell in British. Like colour and favourite.
I am SLOWLY starting to feel back to normal after my M/C in February. Yep, three months later and still physically ailing! I hope and pray every day that God will heal me completely.
I have been watching Matty play his video game, Uncharted 2. Its kinda fun to watch.
I have NOT being dieting and I HAVE been eating too much. Therefore I haven't been blogging much on the topic of health and fitness! I hope I'm not getting super fat...at least I haven't bought new clothes yet.
Only one more day until the weekend. In this house, we are very ready for some time off. :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

OMG I am a bad blogger!

Its been forever.

So sorry.

Life is pretty normal and uninteresting at the moment!

I guess I will just share a few quick photos until I get inspired to write more.


New Baby!


Best Friends.

It was a fun weekend. Spring is here, we are getting more sun and its going to be a good week!

My goals for this week are to COOK and to keep my basil plant ALIVE. I will update you all at the end of the week so you can see if I have accomplished these goals. ;)