Tuesday, May 8, 2012

OMG I am a bad blogger!

Its been forever.

So sorry.

Life is pretty normal and uninteresting at the moment!

I guess I will just share a few quick photos until I get inspired to write more.


New Baby!


Best Friends.

It was a fun weekend. Spring is here, we are getting more sun and its going to be a good week!

My goals for this week are to COOK and to keep my basil plant ALIVE. I will update you all at the end of the week so you can see if I have accomplished these goals. ;)


  1. Great pictures! It's amazing to me how great photography has another page in its book. So many love the instagrams. You all have expensive great cameras for clear pictures, yet the grainy filters of instagrams are what people are posting! Go figure. I wonder what will be next. I am so glad you had a great race, weekend with friends. Your photos show it! Baby photo is my favorite. Lubm

  2. Love being able to keep up with you via Instagram, makes it feel like we are not so far apart I guess. Spring is coming!! Hows the basil plant? I have trouble keeping things alive inside...