Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quick ME update

(Note: I couldn't really stand looking at my blog anymore, but since I am completely computer un-savvy, I had no choice but to try one of blogger's ready made templates. It may be boring and green, but its better than that old ugly skin! 

Id love for my blog to have a pretty background, maybe some hexagons or some chevron. Or maybe just a pretty picture that I took. But for now, its grass!)

Just a quick ME update:

I'm sick. Icky cough and sore throat that just shows up at evening time.
I am excited to run 23 miles on Saturday! The weather should be fabulous!
I am taking too many photos on Instagram every day. I am going to be un-followed if I'm not careful.
Matty surprised me today with a CLEAN HOUSE and a super yummy dinner. Yay!
Work has been CRAZY. I always wish for more hours and therefore more $$$, but when it actually happens, I get a little worn out. At least I will have a few extra dollars to pay for my ANNOYING medical bills.
Tickets to Europe have not yet been purchased, but SOON!!
I am considering starting to spell in British. Like colour and favourite.
I am SLOWLY starting to feel back to normal after my M/C in February. Yep, three months later and still physically ailing! I hope and pray every day that God will heal me completely.
I have been watching Matty play his video game, Uncharted 2. Its kinda fun to watch.
I have NOT being dieting and I HAVE been eating too much. Therefore I haven't been blogging much on the topic of health and fitness! I hope I'm not getting super least I haven't bought new clothes yet.
Only one more day until the weekend. In this house, we are very ready for some time off. :)


  1. So sorry you are still feeling sick. That run hmmm not so sure although mommys advice not asked for! Looking forward to seeing you in bellevue soon!

  2. P.S.: green is NEVER boring!