Sunday, May 20, 2012

Project Life Catch up

I have three weeks to share! (click on any picture to make it larger)

April 29-May 5

Matt returned from his trip in North Carolina on Sunday. (I have yet to hijack photos from facebook and find a way to add Matt's four day trip to Project Life. I will possibly just make a scrapbook page about his trip. He's got lots of stories to tell!)

High lights include: Orange chairs and yummy juice at Alki. Orange space needle. Lots of instagram photos this week...needed their own insert.

 I really love adding 4x4 page protectors. One problem with my obsession with instagram is that the photos don't fit the PL page protectors very well. I have been slacking taking photos with my SLR.

All photos from the back of the insert are from Saturday in Spokane. I took LOTS of pictures that day.
 All photos on this last page are also from Saturday! It was a pretty busy weekend and lots of things I wanted to add. I especially love the little photo of Levi and Pippa. It was so fun propping them up and snapping away. :)

I also grabbed a photo on the roof of the parking garage of my city, Spokane. It was an awesome view!

May 6-12

 Sunday was Bloomsday! I added a photo of our drive back to Seattle as well as lunch with the girls on Saturday afternoon. The Bloomsday photos are very tiny in the little insert. I took way too many instagram shots this week (since then I have slowed down) and so I made them super tiny.
 A huge highlight this week was receiving two new stamps from Elise Blaha Cripe. I added the packaging because it was so cute with those stamps and washi tape. The "Today Is" stamp on the blue journaling card is hers. I just love it! I also got the "You're my Favorite" stamp. :)
 I used a few bits from my scrap basket to fill in some of those 2x2 holes in the page protector. I also added some October Afternoon stickers.
 The second part of my week highlights a few little bits from daily life: my basil plant, grilling vegetables, a hot tub baptism and some bubble tea before a movie. It was a wonderful summery week.

May 13-19
 No inserts this week! We are keeping it simple! Some highlights from the beginning of the week were Color run with Jen Law, Mother's Day and hanging out with Pippa. I also added a card from SC, its one of my favorite things to do. The back can be seen from the previous page, and I love how its smaller and you can see through to the page behind it.

The "think positive today" is from Pink Paislee. I love it. Thinking positive has been REALLY, really hard lately, and that little card can be a reminder to me whenever I look through this book.
 The second half of the week is ALL instagram shots. I tried to be creative with the page protector and I am not super convinced that I like the result. Overall this page looks a little messy!
Well that was three whole weeks all at once. Thanks for staying tuned for this huge long post. :)

Next week I hope to use my SLR again! Its getting dusty. ;)


  1. Love seeing all your project life pages!

  2. Love your PL pages! Becky Higgins is reprinting(in USA!) and she is reprinting the original...called Cherry...Photos are awesome. I LOVE the one of You and Matt in the orange chairs. :) LUBM