Friday, August 26, 2011

Still missing...

I'm still here! I just don't have a working lap top. I've been taking loads of photos and they are all on the SD card on my camera. Hopefully next week we will have a new battery. But I'm not in too much of a rush. I really like not having a computer, I just really miss working with my photos, editing, deleting, ordering. And posting photos on here!

Be back soon!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My computer is broken again!

Just a year and a half after getting our new HP lap top, its broken! The battery has been out for a couple of months. It wont hold a charge and will turn off automatically (and suddenly) when its not plugged in. This weekend, we had a new the computer wont charge! So for a computer that cannot be used without being charged, this is pretty bad news! The last couple of days we have been able to charge it by holding the plug in wire at an odd angle and keeping it in that direction for a period of time. Now? Nothing. I hold it every way it can go, and the computer will not charge. I am just hoping that we can warranty this computer at Costco.

For now, that means no more photos on here for awhile. They are staying safely on my SD card on my camera. I am writing from our other computer, which is only an internet computer (a desk top) and I don't upload photos on here.

But lots of fun has been going on!

Matt's Olympic triathlon in Coeur d Alene.

Picking blackberries in the bush right around the corner (and eating them, of course).

Running almost daily and Matt giving me excruciating massages so that I can carry on said running.

TRYING to eat healthy. (Those many snickerdoodles at Ellen's didn't really help.)

Matt's birthday on Monday at Icon Grill. Great pictures there, I just love cake and candle photos!

Getting back into spin classes.

Enjoying the few beautiful days of summer. I guess temperatures in the seventies are not that bad.

Planning one more relaxing summer weekend before heading into craziness of traveling to Spokane...CDA...the beach...Spokane again.

Its been a crazy wonderful summer and I am SO not ready to say good bye. I will be back later with PHOTOS soon! As long as computer situation improves!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Amazing weekend

My friend Renae came over to stay with me starting on Sunday night and left on Tuesday. It really made it feel like my weekend went from Friday to Tuesday. How awesome is that? Five day weekend! (although I had to work)

I thought I would bring back an old trend of mine and post some photos from my weekend.

Saturday morning breakfast at Portage Bay, (my favorite restaurant!)
I did not eat it all. But I tried to stuff every last delicious bite into my mouth. I made the waitress take it away because I was feeling sick. Those pancakes with the real whipped cream and the fresh berries are one of the best meals I have ever had.

Matty and I saw the Blue Angels on Saturday! I took over a hundred photos and loved most of them. I love how my camera can capture an in-focus image even with the zoom at 105mm. Even when the airplane is so fast! I was impressed.
We got a really good view of the airshow because we were on the I-90 bridge. I love how they close the bridge to the freeway traffic and everyone can walk freely. There are so many people, its crazy! But I love it.
When Renae got in town on Sunday, we indulged in a little Molly Moon's ice cream! I got peaches and cream and Renae got honey lavender. I love their waffle cones, and I especially love the yummy smell inside this amazing ice cream shop in Wallingford! They make the cones right in their shop and the aroma fills the place.
They have fun mirror, perfect for photos while waiting in line! The line was long on Sunday and we came at the perfect time before it became ridiculous.
Five of my favorite people on one roof! We had such fun at Starbucks, eating cake pops and drinking coffee and catching up.
I had a little fun with the self timer...
And that was my weekend! Super relaxing and fun! I did manage to squeeze in a 6 mile run on Sunday, so glad for that. Now that its Wedneday night, I have only two more days until the next weekend. We are heading to CDA for Matt's Olympic triathlon. Can't wait!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pink Towels

I am a crazy scrapbooking photographing maniac and all I could manage to take photos of last week were my pink towels! I may have been slightly burned out from the previous week of 300+ photos!

These are not our bad towels. These are our BEST towels. And now they are pink. :)

We can thank our $2.00 Rite Aid towel that we purchased last year in Seaside. That is a story in and of itself!

Matt brought this bright towel to Chelan so that it would stand out against all the other bright towels in the transition zone at his triathlon.

And then we washed the red towel with our GOOD towels. It was a good thing it wasn't Matt because then I would have yelled at him. But it was was ME! I washed the red towel with our gorgeous cream ones. And then Matt thought it was a-okay and ended up washing it again with more cream towels.

And that is how and why all our towels are pink.
(I have to apologize for the lack of awesome lighting. I have been practicing with camera more auto for me!...and I am still a little rusty)

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Best Friends Forever

Thought it was time to post something with a little color!

I made this page last week. I tried to use circles of all kinds to make this page. I even used my glimmer mist to make the brown border. :) I used my circle punches on some scraps...using up the last of that October Afternoon campfire of my favorite papers of all time! (The plaid/blue chevron paper)
This week the weather has been incredible and I mostly have been spending time outside. I haven't even hit the gym this week! I know....shocking!

Its been fun to NOT take so many pictures this week, only took a couple with my SLR when I was at the beach. I ended up ordering some of the photos on and I am just waiting for them to come in the mail. Then I will come up with some way to display them. I have some page protectors that are 12x12 and have nine slots, each one is 4x4. That would fit those pictures perfectly and would take hardly any work. Just an idea...

Well I better go get outside again! I already ran Green lake this morning and I am excited to bike to work today. :) Have a great week!