Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pink Towels

I am a crazy scrapbooking photographing maniac and all I could manage to take photos of last week were my pink towels! I may have been slightly burned out from the previous week of 300+ photos!

These are not our bad towels. These are our BEST towels. And now they are pink. :)

We can thank our $2.00 Rite Aid towel that we purchased last year in Seaside. That is a story in and of itself!

Matt brought this bright towel to Chelan so that it would stand out against all the other bright towels in the transition zone at his triathlon.

And then we washed the red towel with our GOOD towels. It was a good thing it wasn't Matt because then I would have yelled at him. But it was was ME! I washed the red towel with our gorgeous cream ones. And then Matt thought it was a-okay and ended up washing it again with more cream towels.

And that is how and why all our towels are pink.
(I have to apologize for the lack of awesome lighting. I have been practicing with camera settings...no more auto for me!...and I am still a little rusty)

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