Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Amazing weekend

My friend Renae came over to stay with me starting on Sunday night and left on Tuesday. It really made it feel like my weekend went from Friday to Tuesday. How awesome is that? Five day weekend! (although I had to work)

I thought I would bring back an old trend of mine and post some photos from my weekend.

Saturday morning breakfast at Portage Bay, (my favorite restaurant!)
I did not eat it all. But I tried to stuff every last delicious bite into my mouth. I made the waitress take it away because I was feeling sick. Those pancakes with the real whipped cream and the fresh berries are one of the best meals I have ever had.

Matty and I saw the Blue Angels on Saturday! I took over a hundred photos and loved most of them. I love how my camera can capture an in-focus image even with the zoom at 105mm. Even when the airplane is so fast! I was impressed.
We got a really good view of the airshow because we were on the I-90 bridge. I love how they close the bridge to the freeway traffic and everyone can walk freely. There are so many people, its crazy! But I love it.
When Renae got in town on Sunday, we indulged in a little Molly Moon's ice cream! I got peaches and cream and Renae got honey lavender. I love their waffle cones, and I especially love the yummy smell inside this amazing ice cream shop in Wallingford! They make the cones right in their shop and the aroma fills the place.
They have fun mirror, perfect for photos while waiting in line! The line was long on Sunday and we came at the perfect time before it became ridiculous.
Five of my favorite people on one roof! We had such fun at Starbucks, eating cake pops and drinking coffee and catching up.
I had a little fun with the self timer...
And that was my weekend! Super relaxing and fun! I did manage to squeeze in a 6 mile run on Sunday, so glad for that. Now that its Wedneday night, I have only two more days until the next weekend. We are heading to CDA for Matt's Olympic triathlon. Can't wait!


  1. I had such a fun time! Much needed break.... ah. And Molly Moons was definitely worth the wait for the honey lavender ice cream-Yummy!!

  2. Honey lavender ice cream.?? Your photos are all great! I especially love the timed one with all those awesome silly faces! It's fun to never grow up! Looking forward to your visit. Lubm

  3. Hey at least last weekend was good! :) I hope this one turns out well for you.