Thursday, June 3, 2010

Its another crazy week.

I had my appointment with my trainer this morning which was an excellent work out. But I was so exhausted! I do so much traveling on the weekends and then my weeks are full of work and working out and cleaning the house. Lately I have been overwhelmed with it all. I have tons of laundry to fold and my arms are so sore I can hardly hold them up. This is not very convenient!

I am so stressed out that I can't really do anything 100%. If I work out I am thinking about work. If I am at home I am wishing I was working out. If I do laundry, I am wanting to do pretty much anything else. At work I forget to eat, so I mess up my metabolism! It is a vicious circle!

Maybe I will win an imaginary lottery (since I don't gamble) and wont have to work ever again.

This weekend it starts over again because we are heading to Leavenworth for Matt's bike race. That should be fun but now I have to pack and plan. AHHH!

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  1. Begin practicing calling on the Lord... He is the best stress reliever. :)