Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tons of Valentine photos as promised!!!

First...This is my valentine! I have no idea what this photo is about, but I love it! Matty wouldn't kiss me for the photo because I'm sick. But what is this face??? No idea, but he's cute. :)

At the Valentine's day dash...
My re-run toast and coffee! I had to be festive before the V-Day dash.
By the way, I ran the dash in less than 25 minutes! In fact, my mile time was 7:59, which I was very proud of, especially since I had a cold and wasn't warmed up. :)

And here are some photos of the V-Day party that Stephanie puts on every year. The decorations are always gorgeous and I always go crazy with the photographs.
And now some photos of actual Valentine's day! (I know this is getting long)

My breakfast! I did NOT eat the toast or the banana. I DID consume a LOT of coffee. :)

This is the little candy set up that I had the back room. The flowers are from Kayla. They are so pretty, I love them!
Matty got me a little treat...Red rose! He also bought me some low carb ice cream and sugar free chocolates! Of course these are not guilt free, but a well deserved treat after my LONG work out.

Thanks for reading all of this, if you got this far. I really love this holiday and I had a blast this year, especially since I got drag it out for three whole days!!!

(And mom, to answer your question about Spin Class...Its basically an hour long class where we are all on stationary bicycles and the teacher encourages us to sprint and go through intervals and "hills". We also do some weights. Its fun!!! And its great cross training because I can't run all day.)


  1. A post doesn't seem long, as long as there are a ton of color photos to go along with it. I wish I would actually like to take photos, but I find it annoying and my camera is horrible. So there you go.

  2. A great post! Thanks for answering my question. I LOVE matt's cute/funny face...and your kiss. I'm glad you had such a sunny day. There really is something so special about sunshine. Happy Day! LUBM