Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday in Seattle

This morning Matt and I headed all the way to Bellevue for the meeting! To be very upfront and honest, we both absolutely HATE Bellevue. The parking situation is always a bit sticky at the hall, but we mostly just really don't like the city of Bellevue. We were surprised when we really enjoyed the meeting there! I had to apologize to the Lord for having such a bad attitude!

It was so wonderful to see Melissa and Graham and their new baby! We went to the cheesecake factory for lunch and sat around a large circular table. The service was very slow but luckily we enjoyed each others company so it wasn't too painful. Evelyn is just the cutest little two year old! Her birthday is tomorrow so she got a tiny little sundae and the waitresses sang to her. I got to hold the baby while he was sleeping! That was really fun. Even though I don't want a baby for a really long time, I really enjoy holding other people's babies.

I will just give a quick update of my working out. This week I started lifting with a trainer on Wednesday. I have been eating really well and doing as much running as possible. It may be finally paying off because on Saturday I weighed myself and I lost three pounds! Granted, this is just extra weight I have put on in recent months, but it still feels good to see a downward trend on the scale.

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  1. Welcome to the intertubes Jenn! Just kidding...
    Good job on working out! You are so dedicated!