Monday, July 12, 2010

Some weekend photos 7/9-11

Friday night: It was really hot and we didn't have much to do. Peter & Hannah were nice enough to bring me some dinner and we relaxed on the roof. We weren't in the best of moods but cheered up with some Star Trek. I got a photo my cats play fighting!

On Saturday morning Hannah and I went to my gym for a weights work out. I could bring a friend free for a day! We worked hard and definitely burned some calories! We stopped by Starbucks and I tried a new thing...protein in my frappuccino...Matty & I watched the milk carton derby at Greenlake...We went to Edmonds Beach with J & E...
Sunday I didn't snap any epic photos...actually I slept most of the afternoon! I did take a photo at the fish store for my picture of the day. We want to revamp our fish tank soon, we haven't had a fish since Leo killed ours.
Have a great week!

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