Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Blues

Almost every week I get what I consider the Sunday Evening Blues. Basically it is dread of another weekend being over and another week of work beginning the next day. There is absolutely nothing to look forward to on Sunday nights, so I usually do pretty much nothing. Today I did a few things, none of them memorable, although some of them mentionable:

1) I finished my lousy 2-pager. It isn't as lousy anymore, I used some cool two sided ribbon that i twisted around and I also used some awesome chipboard swirlies from Renae.
2) Matt & I found a new Asian Market, complete with a Pho place & frozen yogurt place inside.
3) I reorganized my scrapbook room (yes, again.) Renae, I may be more like my mom than I once thought!
4) I have drank two cups of Winter Blend coffee from TJ's.
5) I watched a cute video online about how to make some cute gift tags:

And I have a few photos from a more memorable yesterday:

Tiffany & Ryan in Seattle for Dim Sum:
Christmas Day party at Aunt Marie's (it was a little early!)


  1. Sorry Jenn, you are more like your MOTHER than you even know!?! I want to see pictures of your scraproom redo?? OR Maybe I can come visit in feburary still?? I read your computer fan needs...get a new one! Maybe it is a fire hazard? lum

  2. A Question that I am now pondering:

    Why do we have to turn out like our parents? Why can't we just be ourselves?

  3. Ah ha, Joy, I wonder too. I think as we get older and older, the more like parents we become...uh oh!

  4. Yep. I'm pretty sure I'm just like dad. I'm a nerd, I talk about math, and I blow my nose like a trumpet when I'm in the shower.

  5. ha ha ha!!! You are all totally your own person. None of you are like me or dad!!! A few characteristics and surely being so smart, brulliant, and beutiful were inherited, BUT, none of your are at all like dad and I. Rest assured, and enjoy what you are in the Lord. He does all things well. LUM