Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So Cold

Today was so cold here in Seattle that I shivered all day. Although its in the 20's, it really sinks into your bones here more than I remember happening in Spokane. Maybe its because its also sorta humid. I am not sure, I just know that I am COLD. Right now I have spandex on under my jeans and I am wearing a hoodie as well as a down coat. My heater doesn't work in the living room!
Well I have a busy evening ahead of me...I just thought I would put up a scrapbook page that I made recently about Hannah & I making pie. I should have some pictures from this last weekend soon.


  1. Alot of your (Seattles) tropical plantings may not survive! That is pretty cold for Seattle! I guess that is what global warming does??? :)
    I sure love reading your Blog. I feel like I have had a great phone-call with you without having to talk! So fun! Have a great day, mom

  2. It started to warm up today... It's 48 degrees right now here, but two days ago it was only 9.