Saturday, December 5, 2009

Crazy in Spokane

I am having a happy weekend so far. Matt I drove over here right after work on Friday and we made it here in time for dinner! Joe made some Pad Thai and I had a couple of awesome macaroons made by Tom. They all sang me happy birthday (because my birthday is next week) and I got a match stuck in a macaroon for a birthday cake. Renae knew I wouldn't want a cake or a pie because I would eat it all and ruin my diet. :) So then we played apples & oranges and I was TERRIBLE as I usually am at that game. I really wished we had played poker but it was a lot of fun.

This morning Rachel met me here and we went on a really nice run over at Bowl & Pitcher. Renae's house is like 5 minutes away, I am SO JEALOUS!!! We ran for about 45 minutes, which definately felt like a work out since it is so cold here. Its like real winter! Anyway, I should go wake Renae up so we can start our fun day! I get to go visit Bethany's baby and hopefully see Lilian and my mom and maybe scrapbook a little. I am so excited! I love it here. :)


  1. now you just have to tell Matt that Spokane is awesome because the whole time we snow-boarded he and Joe were talking smak about the Can! =P

  2. I am glad I got to see you for a little while and that you had a great time in Spokane. Have a great week and a great birthday!!! love you, mom