Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Eve Eve

Technically today is Christmas Eve Eve, which means that today was my last day of work and I have FOUR DAYS OFF! Tonight I finished making some gift tags and tonight when Matt gets home I will wrap the remainder of my gifts. I made gift tags with some Christmas paper from Heather and I cut out shapes with my slice and embossed the "to/from." I added stickles of course; a project of mine would not be complete without glitter. Here is a photo (although not the best):
My kitty Leo was very involved in the process. His head was probably about one inch from mine while I embossed. He is a very crafty cat.

I am so excited for the weekend! We have friends coming into town as well as family get-togethers, honey-baked ham on Friday, snowboarding Saturday and hopefully lots of relaxation and fun. :)


  1. Nice! I also get four days off, but I'm only working two weeks of my three week break, so then I'll have four days off, and THEN TEN days off!

  2. Enjoy you time off! Jenn I love that you have a crafty cat. That is why he likes you so much! lum